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The thing I hate most about my i7-6700K:

Garbage, unevenly spread TIM (I don't see any other reasons for the temps to be this way, this was the case for my older H100i V2 with Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 and it is the case now with a brand-new H100i V2 with pre-applied TIM which is very good from what I found out with a Google search)
Core #1 is always at least ~5C hotter than any other core... And it's sometimes like 12C hotter...

I wonder if it's enough to get Intel to replace my CPU :P

  1. Technomancer__


    they will just be like

    hey it works. none of our business

  2. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    @Ethocreeper It's a bit sad :/ It's just a pain in the ass when overclocking, because it yields unpredictable temp results from time to time (for instance, all other cores are well below any concerning temps but this one core spikes let's say causing issues) :/

  3. Technomancer__


    you can always consider deciding 

  4. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    Eh, it's an option but I can't do that on my own, my hands are not precise enough and I will almost certainly break it :/ I could consider selling it and getting a used 7700K instead but it's also plagued by temp issues, maybe even more so than original Skylake :P

  5. i_build_nanosuits


    i would just tone down the overclock by 200mhz that should allow you to lower voltages a whole lot and will make your CPU run way cooler...otherwise just ignore it these things are rated to operate at 104c 24/7 for years on end...no worries there you're still at least 20c bellow TJmax and intel CPU never fail.

  6. i_build_nanosuits


    we just worry way too much about temps...it's useless.

  7. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    @i_build_nanosuits This is actually AFTER toning my OC down to 4,5GHz with 1.28V... Under a goddamn H100i V2 (pump in Performance mode aka max speed) with a custom fan curve that defines fans to 50% speed at 70C and 70% speed at 80C... With two additional Phanteks stock 120mm fans as Pull on the radiator running at a fixed speed.

  8. LeapFrogMasterRace


    This is partially the reason why I am still on Haswell 

  9. Silentprototipe


    Thats what happens when Intel uses toothpaste for a TIM

  10. PCGuy_5960



    I wonder if it's enough to get Intel to replace my CPU 

    I think it is, but it's not worth it IMO, because your 6700K is quite good. 



  11. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna

    Locked/Stock is the future! Overclocking is dying :/ 

  12. PCGuy_5960
  13. done12many2


    @Princess Cadence I'm about to put you in time out.


    @Morgan MLGman  Look at it this way bud, at least with that Intel chip you can see the individual core temps.  Try doing that on Ryzen.  xD


    Truthfully, I concern myself more with the difference in average temp than max temp, which doesn't paint any better of a picture in your case.  During an 8hr RealBench stress test at 4.9 GHz, I saw a 10c difference in average temp from highest to lowest core.  In Prime95, the averages are MUCH closer to each other.  Basically, what you are testing with matters.  


    Let me know what address to ship the delid kit to.  :D  You're welcomed to borrow it.  



  14. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    @done12many2 What? Ryzen doesn't show individual core temps? How the hell are you supposed to know how hot does your CPU actually get? :o

    I'm using AIDA64 Engineer version to stress test, I always thought it's enough to determine temps and stability after OC, but was I wrong?

    Also, thanks for the offer with your delid kit but shipping to Poland and then back to you would probably cost me more than buying one myself... :P Although now that I actually checked, there is no decent kit available, der8auer delid kit was available for ~45$ but it's out of stock in the only store that had them :P

  15. done12many2


    @Morgan MLGman Nope.  With Ryzen, you get a Tdie temp per CCX.  Example, my TR chip shows 2 x Tdie temps.  One for each active 1/4 of the chip.  You do get a "Tctl" temp reported too, but that's nothing more than the Tdie + a default 27c to activate fans faster.  Dumb setup in my opinion.  


    As far as AIDA64, if that's all you need, that's all you need.  lol  It's not aggressive enough for what I do, but that doesn't mean that it's not just right for you.  The problem I have with AIDA64 is takes too little voltage to run successfully.  As little as 10mv above what it takes to simply boot Windows in some cases.  


    Too bad you're too far.  All the fun stuff is over here.  xD

  16. DarkBlade2117


    YOO SAME. You know what I find funny. Core 2/3 are always cooler with Core 0 being the 2nd hottest and Core 1 being the one that is always like 8-10C hotter than the others...