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So my friend is selling his PC and I got my dad to buy his Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ 8GB for cheap, it's a 3 months old card which was never used for mining with a 3 years warranty so it was a good deal to replace my dad's MSI GTX 970 4GB 100ME Edition ^_^ Especially since he's gaming at 1440p.

I also got something out of it, for 12$ in cash, he traded my current XFX Pro 650W XXX Edition for his Corsair TX 650M (2017) which is also 3 months old, what's more it has 7 years of warranty while my XFX has 2 more years only (I had it for almost exactly a year), I think it's a great deal because of almost 5 years of warranty more and the TXM PSUs from 2017 are Tier 1 on LTT PSU Tier list and the XFX is Tier 2 :)@STRMfrmXMN Can I hear your opinion on this? Was it the right call? You're our PSU guru! :P

Also, why is the TX 650M so small? It's smaller than the XFX... The 850W variant had a GREAT score in jonnyguru's review so I suppose it's decent:


EDIT: About Black Friday deals, so far I got a Steelseries Siberia X300 headset for super-cheap and a ROCCAT Kanga XXL mousepad also for a great price, I wonder if that's all I'm gonna buy today ^_^ 

  1. Godlygamer23


    It doesn't look that much smaller than the XFX unit.

  2. STRMfrmXMN


    It's a solid upgrade. Definitely worth 12 bucks, especially for the warranty.


    The TXM is small because it's supposed to replace the old CSM, which is also small.