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To all disbelievers, a reference 980Ti stock & OC'd scores in a few newest games:

@i_build_nanosuits I was afraid that the 980Ti is going to be gimped fast, turns out it's actually up there with a Vega 56/1070Ti in terms of performance! (Mine is at 1411MHz stock boost clock which pretty much is what Steve got out of his reference card after OC, I can push it to 1550MHz+ if I want to though :P)

This card is such a great deal for people looking for good performance without breaking the bank :)

  1. PCGuy_5960


    The 980 Ti is still a beast! 

  2. 79wjd


    I wouldn't expect it to get gimped, it's still very similar to Pascal, so any Pascal optimizations should, in theory, trickle down to Maxwell.

  3. i_build_nanosuits


    @Morgan MLGman

    the video is downloaded in my playlist for today but i havn't watched it yet...

    980ti won't be gimped anytime soon because Nvidia does not gimp their own products this has been proved and debumbked many times over...there was reasons why kepler felt flat on his face once nvidia kicked in 100% of the ressources to optimize for maxwell...it's because kepler was the ''old'' architecture...so long as they will optimize for pascal, maxwell will do well because fundamentaly they are the same...they added a few features for VR in pascal, which future big VR titles which will be nvidia optimized might support and only then could we see maxwell fall a bit short to pascal, but this will only be in VR and only a few games here and there.

    Project cars 2 in VR is very demanding and it's all i play right now and i'm mad...i'm mad because, once again, stupid fuck at AMD pushed another stupid pointless generation of cards and nvidia has no competition so volta aint anywhere to be seen and i'm mad because i would feel like getting a new high-end card for christmas but the only better is the 1080ti which is easily 900$ over here and it's not even 30% faster so it ain't worth it for the price but if i could get say a GTX 2070 or 2080 for 650$ or 700$ and get that 35-40% boost i would swing for it in a heart beat...so...FUCK AMD! :o)

  4. DarkBlade2117


    If I was looking for a 1070/1070Ti, tbh I'd just buy a 980Ti that has a nice cooler on it and OC the fuck out of it. Though I want more... especially since I need, totally don't want a 1440p 144Hz monitor, an ultrawide 1440p maybeee curved monitor and then a 2nd ultrawide and or 2nd just basic 1440p 60Hz IPS panel.

  5. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna

    I was watching the video which I deeply appreciate so whenever I tell people the 980 Ti is on pair with the 1070 Ti rather than "almost reaches 1070" like some "Pascal fans" likes saying I can just show it.

  6. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna

    @djdwosk97 Proof to that was the Fast Sync "Pascal Technology Only" getting implemented on Maxwell months later through drivers updates.

  7. 79wjd


    Don't you still need a pretty good 980ti to match a 1070ti?

  8. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna

    Depends, if you want to match the 1070 Ti AT STOCK even the Founders Edition card is up to the task, now if we're talking about overclocked 1070 Ti ~ 1080 levels then yes you need a beefy binned 980 Ti with appropriated cooling... nothing out of reach though my old EVGA Superclocked TITAN X Maxwell getting around 1450mhz on the core clock gave me similar numbers to the stock 1080 FE.


    Although truth be told replacing the TITAN XM for the 1080 Ti was best thing ever, even being FE card all the same gosh noise and thermals along side performance jump felt totally worth it in my opinion... but whoever wants to play safer and save $$$ the 980 Ti still is viable option until Ampere in 2019 by all means... not a single game it won't game if you adjust the in-game graphical settings.

  9. 79wjd


    Yeah, I was talking about overclocking both. It's been known since day 1 that a perfect 980ti will best an overclocked 1080, but it's just a question of what the average 980ti can do vs the average 1070ti (both overclocked).

  10. i_build_nanosuits


    @djdwosk97i don't know where you guys are getting this from, but i happen to have had all 3 of these cards in my hands to overclock, game and bench with my personal GTX 980ti Strix, a MSI Gaming 1070 i purchased for a friend's build, and now i have this GTX 1080...and i can safely say that YES you can overclock a GTX 980ti and it will be SLIGHTLY faster than an overclocked GTX 1070...but as far as to ''best an overclocked 1080'' then i say ohh fuck no...never...not in a million years...in fact, even at stock my GTX 1080 is pushing way more frames in games and way better scores in benchmarks than my oced 980ti ever was able to deliver...by a long shot...1070 and 980ti are in the same league, GTX 1080 is a class above...and the 1070ti being very close to the 1080 is also untoucheable by the 980ti...it's a good card, not saying otherwise, but compairing it to a 1080 and saying they offer similar performance, at any level is simply plain wrong.




  11. 79wjd


    When Pascal launched, the 980ti when pushed to the limits with a custom loop was able to surpass a 1080. Unless I'm thinking of LN2 levels of cooling.

  12. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    @djdwosk97 A 1080 FE without any OC applied besides the GPU Boost 3.0? It's achievable on air on a good 980Ti, my particular card could probably do that.



    and the 1070ti being very close to the 1080 is also untoucheable by the 980ti

    I wouldn't say that... Note that it's a reference 980Ti with around +200MHz core overclock applied (results in around 1400MHz), as I mentioned it's the speed of my 980Ti at stock, I've got yet another ~150MHz of headroom left so it should be around the same level of performance as a 1070Ti :P So it's definitely possible, you just need a good 980Ti with a beefy cooler and a beefy PSU in your rig :P

  13. i_build_nanosuits


    @Morgan MLGmanhe said 1.48ghz was the core clock of the 980ti in the video,...no mention about the overclocks on the pascal cards though... :P

    look, if you want we can for sure run a few benches to settle this one :) hehe