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This is the most beautiful back of a graphics card I've ever seen:


It has to look totally badass inside of a PC... Though I just noticed that the "cut" in the middle is where the power connectors are, as the PCB is very short like I had on my previous Sapphire R9 Fury Nitro due to Vega also using HBM memory.

  1. PCGuy_5960


    If I ever need a space heater, I'll make sure to buy 4 of these and overclock them. It's going to be the coolest looking space heater ever. xD


    Get it? Space heater that looks cool.


    This pun was so bad :S


  2. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna

    @TheBeastPC Would look? Asus already released the ROG Strix V64



  3. IAR117



    Looks great, but the subtlety of my Seahawk begs to differ with your opinion

  4. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna

    MSi though... I'd pick XFX over it any time xD


    My cousin actually has a relic in his bucket a true GTX 460 made by XFX :o