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1070 Ti confirmed, I guess. 


  • 2432 CUDA Cores
  • 1607MHz Base
  • 1683MHz Boost

Still don't get why Nvidia made this card though, IMO, they should have lowered the price of the 1080.

  1. The Benjamins

    The Benjamins

    its to beat the vega 56 in every game.

    I am about to read the anadtech, PCper articles

  2. The Benjamins

    The Benjamins

    Honestly I am more excited about the Ryzen Mobile launch

  3. WereCat


    It's more expensive than GTX 1080 ... Almost €600

  4. PCGuy_5960
  5. PCGuy_5960


    BTW, I just noticed that this card costs $450. WTF? You can get a 1080 for $500. xD

  6. Zando Bob

    Zando Bob

    I agree, still no idea why they made this card. If you're on a budget, get the 1070. If you need more performance, a 1080 won't be much more than the 1070 Ti, so just get the '80.

  7. done12many2


    @PCGuy_5960 of the several 1070 Ti unboxings posted, you had to link this clown?  I'm at a loss for worlds right now.  O.o

  8. Damascus


    @TheBeastPC The first one uses cheaper caps, the MSI one is using high end  ones

  9. PCGuy_5960


    @done12many2 His video was the first one. This is why :P

  10. MEC-777


    Nvidia. Just rake'n it in. :P