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@MageTank @PCGuy_5960 @Morgan MLGman


Just a quick update on the future upcoming build, today I have finally sold my Maxwell TITAN X to be replaced by a brand new shining EVGA GTX 1080ti Founders Edition! Nom Nom Nom! I feel myself drooling already! ^^



  1. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    But why the FE version :| It sucks ass compared to aftermarket solutions tbh :P

  2. PCGuy_5960
  3. done12many2


    The EVGA FEs are the exact cards that I use.  Congrats.  Looking forward to hearing about the build.

  4. PCGuy_5960
  5. done12many2


    @Morgan MLGman @PCGuy_5960


    She's a reference design kind of gal.  Nothing wrong with that.  


    FE cards do look good, but they damn sure look better with water blocks on them.  :D

  6. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna

    @done12many2 Aw that's so nice, I thought that peasant mainstream builds didn't turn your curiosity on any more! hahah didn't say any thing before when we figured out the case and cooling solution for it xD


    I'll certainly keep on tagging you though ^^


    @PCGuy_5960 Too sweet for me, I can not wait... especially that right now i got stuck with the HD Graphics 530! ohh nooo


    @Morgan MLGman Oh please Morgan we all know that realistic speaking the only down side of the FE card is its loud cooler in comparison, performance wise it is hardly behind, and water cooling it in the future is not out of the question!

  7. done12many2


    @Princess Cadence  Sorry for any lack of response.  Family, new dog and my own upgrades going on.  Also, sometimes I'm just an ass and don't reply.  I'll work on it though.  xD


    Mainstream is still where it's at.  Intel does shit backwards and mainstream lets us know what to expect in HEDT one day.  lol

  8. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    @Princess Cadence I know that, you're pretty much getting a bit lower clock speeds and a louder GPU with a FE card, they do look great but to be fair I'd only buy them if I was about to watercool them ^_^ They should be cheaper than aftermarket models though :/

  9. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna

    It is still cheaper water cool the FE than get an after market already watery cooled aftermarket... and I must be honest aesthetically only blower types please me, I don't like open cooling visually.


    The deal on itself was impossible to miss, I paid 600 dollars on it, the ROG Strix is 835 dollars by comparison xD Brazilian prices are just too too bad.


    I am dead excited for it get here, wanted to try it even on the i7 6700 before it leaves as well

  10. Damascus



    The deal on itself was impossible to miss, I paid 600 dollars on it, the ROG Strix is 835 dollars by comparison xD Brazilian prices are just too too bad.

    Those are both great prices by Canadian standards xD