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My GPU temps dropped by 9C after I replaced a H100i V2 with a stock Intel cooler, and I replaced it with a single 120mm fan as intake to the case for the RMA period...



  1. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    It boosts 13MHz higher now...

  2. XenosTech


    Probably the fresh paste lol

  3. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    @XenosTech My GPU temps not CPU temps :P

  4. TVwazhere


    Is your pump dead on the H100i?

  5. XenosTech


    @Morgan MLGman oh did you have the AIO fans as in or exhaust ?

  6. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    I'm not sure what was wrong with the AiO, I just sent it to RMA so other people figure that out instead of me :P It started performing worse for some reason.


    I had the H100i v2 as front intake to my case, it's now replaced with a 120mm Enermax Cluster Advance fan and with the stock intel cooler temporarily and my GPU temps dropped by 9-10C :o

  7. TVwazhere


    I honestly think your pump died

  8. XenosTech


    Pump probably did die. Mine died back in may all of a sudden when I was asleep >.>

  9. XenosTech


    Oh and since there isn't any thing restricting air flow your temp should be better

  10. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    I'm not sure about that because Corsair Link reported pump RPM normally...

  11. XenosTech


    Yeah mine did the same thing but the temps coming from the cpu were well into the 90's

  12. Morgan MLGman

    Morgan MLGman

    @XenosTech I just received an e-mail confirming that my old H100i V2 was faulty and that I'm getting a new one ^_^ I wonder how long will the shipping take, I want to go back to 4,7GHz!.

  13. XenosTech


    That's great man.... Should have one in 2 days minimum (3 days for me because customs is lazy where I am)