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Hey thanks man I,m looking for a really good headphones about 100 USD with better sound that a hyper x cloud 2 it,s a kind of "gaming" Headphones for PC and Smarthphone to and not to big so I can use it when I.m in bed but I don,t know if buying a new headphones really worth it cuz i already have a skullcandy crusher and I know this are not the beter ones but this headphones just get the jobs done.

  1. lukky211111
  2. lukky211111


    i use hd 558s and i like them theyre open back and over ear headphones ( i have big ears and they fit my very very well) the m40xs ive heard are pretty good and have a detatcheable cable and if youd like you can change out the earpads on them as well.

  3. lukky211111
  4. happyleonardo14


    Finnaly I got the ath m40x, that headphones are all what I need, PC, Gaming, Smartphone use and comfort thankyou for your help. :)


    Mi music genres are rock, electro, hip hop, and pop like bruno mars and I've heard that this ones are good for that.

  5. lukky211111


    yeah they have a good amount of bass and honestly having good amounts of bass is good for gaming some people say but yeah glad i could help dude!