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My whole point in asking you the question was to point out that while you are quick to condemn the US's actions in Iraq as a waste of money and a failure to protect the US you also have to ask what the consequences of that action not having been taken would be. Though we could never know how Saddam's regime would have panned out in the future we can look to the past to see where it came from and what it has done so far. We can be quick to condemn the actions of others for the problems that have arisen from those choices but we very easily overlook what the impossible to know but very possible to speculate consequences of not having taken those actions could have been. The US is not blameless and has gone to war for both good and bad reasons but there is currently Good in the midst of the Bad. Don't be blind to the Good as our current world Media would have you believe. Finally, I wish you no ill will or disrespect I was attempting to engage in discussion but I really felt pissed on and degraded for seeking to engage in discussion that questions what people believe in a respectful way. Please treat all people with respect even if you disagree.

  1. stconquest
  2. thekeemo


    *sings kumbaya*

  3. stconquest
  4. Maxxtraxx


    I am curious though to hear both of your thoughts on what a wise course of action is with a country like north korea. 1. What is our current best possible trajectory as things stand and 2. If NK did start a war, then how do we respond.

    I realize those are big questions that i know i can't even answer myself but any thoughts would be appreciated.

  5. thekeemo


    1. Nothing unless the people ask for intervention

    2. If the countries affected ask for help help without the IMF strings

  6. Maxxtraxx


    The people being NK citizens?

    What are the IMF(international monetary fund?) strings?

  7. Maxxtraxx


    Or do you mean Impossible mission force? Sorry, i laughed a little when the thought crossed my mind.

  8. thekeemo



    When the USA helps a country out with anything they usually only help with the agreement that the group that they help adhere to guidelines that will help corporations and screw over the people and ruin the economy in the long run.

    What is impossible mission force

  9. Maxxtraxx


    Mission impossible with tom cruise

  10. thekeemo


    An exasperated sigh is required here

  11. Maxxtraxx


    I'm sorry, it was very dumb but i did laugh a little and was hoping you would a little as well. Thank you for that piece of info, good to be aware of. Now i'll stop asking things as i feel like i've hijacked stconquest's status page.

  12. thekeemo


    Is that not what status updates are meant for?

  13. stconquest


    NK has internal problems and bad international standing.


    The USA has internal problems and bad international standing.


    Now what if Russia come onto your shores and said that systematic degradation of african americans by authoritarian bodies (police and legislature) is a cnsidered globally criminal.  They will now bomb your country until you change.


    Fact is, we are all on this planet together.  If we must, at any given point, resort to forcefully take life there better be a good freaking reason.  The USA does not have any good reason to invade NK.