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  1. Can we get how much you guys paid for the systems in the video?
  2. Wait, I just found out that you could connect those teeth to the 6 pin and it fits perfectly. Damn I feel stupid as fuck now.
  3. But how? The cable can only go in like this
  4. so are the notches supposed to end up on the outside? Because right now they are blocking the 2 pin from going all the way in
  5. The connector has pins such as this one in this picture
  6. Okay so I got a strix 1080 with an 8 pin and a 6 pin power connector. But the only 8 pin my psu has is a P8/P4 cable, that is supposed to connect to my motherboard's P8 slot. My PCIE power connectors (ive got 3 cables labeled as VGA 1,2 and 3) split into two parts after connecting to the psu PCIE power slot. Both of the cables coming from the 1 slot end in 6 Pin + 2 Pin split heads. Problem with that is the 2 pin head has a little notch that doesnt fully allow it to go into my 8 pin power connector. However my gpu came with an adapter that fuses togethe
  7. 7600k and a 1070 sli for 2500.... No offense, but some really poor choices here
  8. I know you guys gotta make money, but man are those cyberpowerpcs terrible. You guys should really not advertise them.
  9. It has to be the Smart Switch. I dont want to be rude, but some of the other things are really just gimmicks rather than useful features.
  10. I found a review of a toy fire truck through reddit way back in 2011 and I've been watching the channel ever since.
  11. Awesome phone! - Great design? Check - High end hardware? Check - 60% more gen than a potatostation? Check All of this with an amazing custom made skin from dbrand? Yes plz
  12. It looks amazing. Not having an SSD may put some people off, but an HDD, allows for it to be much more affordable and have money go elsewhere - a better gpu and/or cpu.