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  1. Is there any software for setting up a server watch windows using a raspberry PI 4? Not too familiar with the space and curious if anyone has done anything like this. If you're curious what my site is built with here's a link. https://github.com/BensonBen/solid-octo-couscous
  2. Just signed an offer letter for a senior software engineer position with Herman Miller :D. Wanted to say thanks to the LTT community and Linus cuz I've been a subscriber of the channel since... the times he reviewed random toys at NCIX. Just wanted to make this post to show that you guys make a difference .
  3. Hey all! This isn't a "hey please help I've fallen and can't get up" kind of post, but rather one that's imho dense with computer science topics. My hope is that it will genuinely peek someone's interest in computer science, programming, reverse engineering and genuinely inspire people. Any who, recently got this exercise bike with Bluetooth functionality, right. now I didn't want to pay oodles of money a month for some fitness app. So, I was like "I can write my own and it'll work on all my devices"... at least that's the goal. Starting out I had
  4. @AnotherMax It's cool duder. yeah, so... that's my last straw that I'm gonna try. There's a few portions of the data MSB (most significant bit) that keeps changing when changing what device it's paired too. Otherwise, I'm 90% certain that bytes 0-2 and 2-4 are for timing cuz they're unsigned 16 bit integers and they line up. If I don't have to brute force it and can ask. That's what I'm doing rn cuz work smarter not harder
  5. @AnotherMaxthese are a good starting point, but I found some more resources that were more useful that are super buried on the Bluetooth documentation's website. I'll post here just in case you're curious. Bluetooth Web Tutorial from the horses mouth (it's still dated) Second, the "characteristics" in Bluetooth terminology are properties in a grouping. that grouping is called a "service" (this isn't me trying to be an asshole about terms). So, the "value" is typed as DataView since the standard has been updated and bugs have been fixed in Chrome / Edge. Again, making the "value" pr
  6. @shadow_ray edited the post. it wasn't anything super important
  7. Hello! This may be a bit long winded, but bare with me. TLDR: Looking for ways of parsing binary response from a Bluetooth device. So, I've got a crazy idea (maybe) in that I've been trying to develop a data logging application and fitness tracker for my new IC4 bike. The difference between this app and others available on the market is that it works via the experimental Bluetooth browser standard. Described in more detail here. Web Bluetooth API - Web APIs | MDN (mozilla.org). Getting to the point. I've paired to my Bluetooth connection (server). Pa
  8. From the reviews I've read if you find a dead pixel they definitely replace the panel / swap it out for a not broken unit.
  9. Hey all, so it's time for me to part ways with my budget corsair case I've had since 2013. I simply want something professional looking, perhaps a side panel, noise dampening (I wear noise cancelling headphones so this isn't to high on my list). So far I've liked the Corsair 678C link Trying to also go for a white, blue aesthetic as I have an Alienware AW3420DW Ultrawide monitor. My system isn't too crazy and I don't have a ton of hard drives, or water cooling. Any budget
  10. It means that your motherboard vendor didn't test that memory kit to have no issues with your processor. Don't worry though, just because it's not on that qualified vendor list doesn't mean that your memory, motherboard, and cpu won't ever play nicely together. It simply means that you yourself may need to get stable memory. This isn't to say that this is the solution, but in my light research on the the Kernel 41 error you're experiencing yielded that this is most likely a hardware issue. Also, Kernel generally referencing your operating systems underlying low level code. Low leve
  11. Honestly, I'd not go out to eat and just get the Alienware AW2521HF. If IPS, FPS, and G-Sync are your main criteria. Alienware (dell) seem to have very good quality assurance people working for them. Generally their Panels (sourced from LG) don't have as bad of backlight bleed or issues in general. In my opinion, getting one good thing that suits all your needs and that you keep is better than flip flopping monitors all the time. Because you end buying / selling this at a net loss if you switch monitors all the time. Bonus: this particular panel has a 240hz refresh rate.
  12. perhaps checking if the memory is on the QVL?
  13. Not sure, the github page doesn't immediately make a mention of it. Stating "Inspired by the Windows 95 era PowerToys project, this reboot provides power users with ways to squeeze more efficiency out of the Windows 10 shell and customize it for individual workflows."
  14. Hey, this is more of a PSA, but I recently discovered this microsoft supported and open source "Power Tools" they put out there. Check it out here: Github Power Toys Of the features that it adds to windows my favorite feature is. Fancy Zones (for snapping windows to predefined ares) a more advanced windows snap utility.