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  1. That soldering job was brutal. Those look like 0603 resistors which are huge in the world of electronics. You really don't need a microscope for something that large, but if you're inexperienced and need one, that's fine, but don't solder with a video microscope, the latency and resolution will kill you. Get a real glass microscope. This is an easy job complicated by using the wrong tools. The tip on the hot air gun was way too big, and he didn't Kapton tape around the resistor to prevent damage. Even worse is that he made all these mistakes with a hot air gun when he didn't need to use one at
  2. Hey, Linus. I found an 800W ATX PS/2 Mini Redundant PSU: http://www.rackmountmart.com/ps/ps3032.htm There's also 700s and 600s if you scroll down here: http://www.rackmountmart.com/html/rps.htm
  3. Vessel Name - devilwarier9 Liked - https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0(Hardline Part 1) Liked - https://www.vessel.com/videos/LCoY5zfFf(Insane Storage Server)
  4. Anyone know what car dock he was using in this video? Looks awesome.
  5. Been subbed since early 2010, love all of your stuff. Can't believe how far you've come! COngrats!
  6. I love how small the bezels are. It just looks so clean.