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    9900k @ 5ghz
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    Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Master
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    32gb G-Skill Trident 3200mhz
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    EVGA 1080 SC 2050 core +500 mem
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    Lian Li O11-Dynamic
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    500gb 970 evo | 256gb 840 pro | 512gb sandisk extreme | 500gb 850 pro | 4tb WD Black
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    SeaSonic Platinum 730w
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    Acer predator x34
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    EKWB 360 Predator
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    Corsair K95
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    Corsair somethin
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    Steel Series H wireless | Katana X soundbar
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Yep I have the X34 and it will play almost everything maxed out, only exceptions so far are Witcher 3 and just cause 3, had to turn some settings down but other wise runs like a champ.
  2. Your picture isn't showing the top of the list...
  3. the obstruction for static pressure is for radiators. If you have none of those just stick to air flow fans.
  4. Performance will probably be about the same but I would go for EVGA because of their support
  5. I've got mine at 1.3volts at 4.6 and even with the 360mm AIO from EKWB it still gets to those temps, I am planning on delidding when I have the time
  6. if you have the money then get the 1080ti, but what res / fps are you wanting to play at?
  7. ah I see, did you try without the 90 to the pump? I feel like a single run without the joint would look cleaner, if your psu is moduler I would look into a couple of pci-e cables that are just 8 pin and just 6 pin so that way you don't have the extra pieces, and then run then from the grommets by the sata cables. for the run from the pump to the mobo I would move that to the right side cpu, then from the left cpu to the to of the mobo, then go from the left bottom mobo to the rad. I feel like your gpu loop would benefit more from a couple 90's, really hard to see though because of
  8. Not having to deal with Nvidia surround is a huge plus. I spent a couple years and it just grew to be obnoxious, having 1 larger screen with no bezels for a wider view is much more enjoyable, especially if you are doing shooting games.
  9. Do you already have the 3 monitors? If not I would look at an ultrawide monitor of some sort, the gaming experience is much more enjoyable, the only time where I think 3 monitor gaming is better is with Sim driving (insert vehicle here). I switched and couldn't be happier.
  10. Where are those pipes going that have the 90 pointed to the bottom? If you could find some better looking pci-e cables or better run that would help the look a bunch I think
  11. cheap cases in my experiences feel and are very flimsy, so be extra careful that you don't bend one of the panels, and they generally don't have good cable management.
  12. Vivendi is a terrible company that cares about no one but them self, Think the Worst of EA and Ubisoft and combine that and then make it twice as bad.
  13. meraki access points are your friend.
  14. Yeah I was really happy with it, it doesn't do well with a thicker 360 in the front, but if you don't use that then you are fine, I wasn't super thrilled with the ssd mounts on the back but they do work just fine