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    4790K @ 4.8
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    MSI Gaming 7
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    16GB Kingston Fury Black
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    MSI GTX 770 TwinFrozr Gaming OC
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    NZXT Phantom 530 Black
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    256GB Crucial MX100 + WD 1TB HDD
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    Corsair RM750
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    LG 24" LED 1080p
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    NZXT Kraken x60
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. I'm currently running a 770 and I want to get into VR!
  2. I would be awesome to have a cinema setup in my house. My roommates and I could relax after school.
  3. Do you have dimensions? I found somewhere that can do it for me but I just want to see if your dimensions match mine!
  4. I like the lighting kit because I wanna add some light to my Phantom 530!
  5. Get a DROID Turbo as it is a beast and a Verizon exclusive.
  6. Buy the Xiaomi Mi4, its a beast in specs and its skin looks/acts similar to ios but with all the advantages of android customization you could want!
  7. A Xiaomi Mi4 is one beast of a phone with a great price tag, it is also a great size and feel in the hands.
  8. Xiaomi Mi3/Mi4, OnePlus One, or Galaxy S4/S5, I have got to use these phones and they are beasts. I personally love the size and metal feel of the Xiaomi Mi4 but that's just me. Now if you truely want the best possible gaming experience and don't care about price or size then the new Nexus 6 will be for you.
  9. I really like the new direction Zotac is headed, and love the look of these beast new cards
  10. Its on the Motorola site, just go to specs.