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  1. I am not able to raid my two m.2 driver in a dimm.2. They show up in bios in general but not in irst in bios. Think I got all the setting correct. MB: Asus Maximus XI Extreme bios: 0802 CPU: 9900K M.2: 2x Sandisk A400 256GB nvme x4 GPU: Strix 2080 PSU: RM750x
  2. I need some kind of server at home. But i have no idea how powerful it has to be since i have never played with them before. At the moment i am using my normal computer to stream to my Raspberry Pi Plex client on my TV. This will be the main use of the server. It will be streaming high bitrate material, 1080p with DD 5.1 sound mostly. I am using direct play for most of my content but it has to be ready to transcode if necessary. On top of this i wanna use it as a cloud server, backup for my files and maybe a few uses i have not thought of yet. My main problem is MB and processor. Also the Q ab