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    tobben got a reaction from Tyman108 in Team Donor score no updating   
    This is really strange.. When searching 
    for your name i can't find anyone on our
    team. When visiting the stat page for our
    team you are clearly there. 
    Your stats seem to be up to date here. 
    The last wu also seems to have been
    registered on stanford. 
    Server wide coughs aren't uncommon,
    i haven't seen many specific glitches 
    like this though. Unless i am missing 
    Maybe it will sort itself out, who knows..  
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    tobben got a reaction from Rr42 in Do you get any rewards from folding?   
    now.. where did i leave that comment of mine.. right! here it is.
    there is no direct reward as in money or anything similar and that's because.. science! it's great and you should help them out, the more we know the better.
    a project like this helps them do things they would otherwise be incapable of doing, financing it themselves would cost millions upon millions of dollars, so instead we are here to give them a helping hand.
    you do get a diploma of sorts that you can print out if you want, it doesn't really hold any meaning though, you can however get a folding badge on this very forum... this is what you get from folding@home.

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    tobben got a reaction from Cyberspirit in How do i disable CPU Folding?   
    You can simply pause the slot and leave it like that. But for more drastic measures, you can
    delete the slot altogether, it won't affect the cpu resources allocated to the gpu slot. 
    Go into the desktop client, configure top left corner, select the slots tab then just remove the
    cpu slot.
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    tobben got a reaction from mrchow19910319 in Is it worth investing $10,000 in Bitcoin?   
    If you have to ask on a random forum whether to do/not do a 10k investment, don't do it. 
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    tobben reacted to foldinghomealone in GTX 1070 only getting 100k PPD???   
    @for7hyp3: You need to register with a passkey and after 10 successful WUs you will get the bonus.
    Then you will have around 650kPPD
  6. Informative
    tobben got a reaction from iamdarkyoshi in F@H CPU core stuck on download   
    They seem to have been abit inconsistent 
    with this, i'm not sure how it is right now.. 
    But, my first suggestion. Try setting your 
    threads to an even number, ie 6. You might
    be getting blocked for that reason. 
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    tobben reacted to iamdarkyoshi in F@H CPU core stuck on download   

    Though its running extremely slowly though
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    tobben reacted to ElZamo92 in Folding@Home Install Guide and Links - LinusTechTips_Team - 223518   
    Thank you! It's delicious
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    tobben got a reaction from Princess Luna in Quick Question   
    Just for the record, the first badge is the
    contributor/member badge, which you
    get at 21 work units. A milestone you are
    likely to hit before 1 million points.
    Aswell as the FAQ linked above, there is
    also the installation guide here.
    If you have any specific questions, i am
    sure people will be happy to answer to
    the best of their abilities. 
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    tobben reacted to Ithanul in Budget F@H rig   
    Or do what I do.
    Disable SLI.  Leave 2nd card folding while gaming with the 1st card.  I do this on my main computer.
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    tobben reacted to Whaler_99 in Folding@Home Install Guide and Links - LinusTechTips_Team - 223518   
    Welcome all the new users to the team!
    Great to have you!!
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    tobben reacted to MicahK555 in F@H GPU not Folding   
    Okay, I was able to fix it. I just had to reset the slot, cuda, and opencl number for the gpu. Simple fix, except when you don't know what your doing. 
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    tobben reacted to vorticalbox in UK intelligence calls for an end to encrypted messaging after London terrorist attack   
    even if all communication was unencrypted there is literally nothing stopping people encrypting the text using a program then sending it. 
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    tobben reacted to GoodBytes in Nintendo fixes the Switch Joycon problem with a new revision.   
    Nintendo fixes the Joycon sync issue with new Joycon revision design. Replacement available under warranty of you are affected.
    They fixed the problem by improving the antenna.
    CNET, writer Sean Hollister has sent under warranty to Nintendo his Joycon which face the infamous connection issue, and noted  "just about the best electronics customer service I've ever experienced. ". He got a replacement joycons the next business day with free overnight shipping from Nintendo, and his problem was solved. Curious to see what changed, he opened it, and saw the improvement.

    The inside looks identical to the Joycons that people have bought except for the black foam found on the right at the bottom (bellow the silver box on the picture above).
    This foam is actually metallic, and he said that when he removed it, the Joycon sync issue problem returned. Put it back, and the problem is completely fixed. This foam is over the Bluetooth antenna portion of the Joycon.
    Ars says:
    Nintendo hasn't mentioned anything on the issue being solved, other than: "the total number of repair or replacement requests for Nintendo Switch, including for Joy-Con, is consistent with what we’ve seen for any new hardware Nintendo has launched." after Ars Technica requested for comments.
    Source: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/03/report-nintendo-is-fixing-disconnecting-joy-cons-with-conductive-foam/
    So, if you have Joycons with the connection issue, give Nintendo a call for a warranty replacement to ensure you have the latest model with the issue solved. If you didn't get a Switch, and you really want to be sure that you don't have the problem, than simply wait a month or so. I mean the Switch do sale fast, so you should get units with the fix fairly quickly. So maybe not that much, and  we have to keep in mind that we don't know officially when the fix was made available. People might have already got their hands on already. We don't know. But glad to see the issue fixed.
    Now the dock issue.
    Nintendo spokesperson said:
    Source: http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/22/15026954/nintendo-left-joy-con-wireless-issues-fixed-repairs
    So, it is confirmed that the fix will placed or has been placed already on the Joycons
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    tobben got a reaction from Psittac in Folding again!   
    Nice nice, welcome back. Persistence is key,
    just keep at it and you will definitely climb up
    the leaderboard with that ppd.  
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    tobben got a reaction from SubLimation7 in Pinnacle Gaming is now live, can you guys proofread my site?   
    Sorry but the rules on advertising are clear.
    - Locked
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    tobben got a reaction from Nicnac in Call for more advertising of LTT F@H and Boinc Teams   
    They mentioned it here and there a while ago,
    especially on the wan show. I haven't been
    following their content that thoroughly lately,
    so i can't say for sure, but it does feel like they
    have stopped giving it attention. 
    Maybe we could get a shoutout when the folding
    team reaches the 10'th spot on the leaderboard  
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    tobben reacted to vSyNd1c4t3 in Which is the best value Mac to buy?   
    Thanks for the input, but no Hackintosh will be discussed on this thread.
    Thanks. I have a pretty good idea of what is considered good hardware.
    I'm seeing mainly Duo Cores within the price range I set. (Not too big of a surprise.) Also 4gb of ram... with small hard drives.
    Probably gonna need at least 250gb of space. 120gb might be pushing it, guess I could use some flash drives I have lying around for storage.
    Gonna be using it to edit, record, and share some music in Garage Band.
    Nothing too serious for the time being, just feel like having some fun with it.
    ( Garage Band is the must use program, because a friend of mine and I are going to share songs with each other and play with them for fun, so just trying to get compatible stuff. While suggestions are fine, I will not be using this thread to try and find out other ways to achieve what we are trying to do. )
    Here's something I found, bit over budget, and looks like a store so I probably can't talk them down...
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    tobben reacted to I LOVE YOU LINUS in Folding@Home Install Guide and Links - LinusTechTips_Team - 223518   
    Just added a 7700k and 1080 to the team
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    tobben reacted to HrutkayMods in Stanford has a new F@H website   
    I was just recently on the old site, hadn't noticed the link to the new one until today. good to know
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    tobben got a reaction from Dash Lambda in I got accepted to Harvard today   
    Huge necro... thread over 2 years old.
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    tobben got a reaction from VerticalDiscussions in I got accepted to Harvard today   
    Huge necro... thread over 2 years old.
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    tobben got a reaction from kingkickolas in I got accepted to Harvard today   
    Huge necro... thread over 2 years old.
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    tobben got a reaction from Xiauj in Show off your setup hard to see   
    Not sure i quite follow, but are you
    thinking about a subforum dedicated
    to this? There is already the build-log
    section, which is pretty much this. 
    Then you can create albums on your
    profile, etc etc.. 
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    tobben got a reaction from AbrahamoLincolni in How to change Nikon D5500 Focus Point using Touchscreen   
    Sorry, but the rules are clear on advertising. 
    For future reference, sharing useful information
    and the like, the guidelines in the tutorial section
    might be relevant.