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  1. Thank you. I was hoping that the redefine logo will light up as well:( It's Sciythe Himuro HDD cooling enclosure. I'm replacing that with an SSD:)
  2. I would really like to but I'm really tight on a budget and real custom wc loop is out of my reach:( If you look closely you will recognise the collor of the sheet. It's an old pc case:) Thank you
  3. Redefine is receiving a update so I tought I might shere it with you. Stay tuned...
  4. I actually made this one but I was never satisfied how it printed out so I droped the whole idea.
  5. Thank you all for your comments Dunno but minecraft is maxed out ;)
  6. Thank you for your comments:) Here are final photos (sry for the crappy cell photos) And redefine lite mod
  7. Here's an update. Still waiting on a decent camera to take final shots. I've got noting to hide;) Hope you like it.
  8. Thank you all It's been a while since my last post. Still haven't made finishing touches but hope to finish this soon. Here are some updates. Opposite side panel window and venting bracket.
  9. Thank you all for your kind words. Hope to finish this build soon so I can take some better pictures:)
  10. Thanks guys:) Here are some "meanwhile" photos. The project is in its late stages and I just found out about this forums. Few things I've done Replaced pwr led Cable managment bracket Glowing mobo tray Vid [url= ][/url=][url= ][/url=]False floor Front 360 mod Redefine edition fans Custom cabels Custom fan filters Here are few crappy photos :( And some better ones There are only few things lef to do. I'm replacing the plexi windows for a lighter shade and adding some ventilation to the back of the mobo. Replacing the psu sticker. A
  11. Hi guys I'm new to this forum and what better to introduce myself than show you my rig and planed updates. Here is my project Redefine. It's based of Fractal Designs define mini. Hardware list Cpu: Intel I5 2500K Mbo: Asus Maximus geneZ IV gen 3 Gpu: Asus gtx 670 dcuII Ram: Gskill RipjawsX Sdd: OCZ vertex 4 128gb Hdd: WD caviar black 1tb Psu: Corsair ax 850 Cooling: Corsair h100 Case: Fractal design define mini The build is in it's late stages but i tought i'll sare it with you. Things I've done so far 360 mod. It's mod I done so the case would accommodate 360 rad