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  1. Take a look at the Sig P320 platform, about as modern as you can get, feels great to shoot, and highly customizable with the grip modules
  2. When it comes to Colt, if there's no snake in the name, it can pound sand, and even that's not a given anymore
  3. Never heard of them but they look pretty solid. Most full kydex holsters are functionally the same as long as the maker knows what they are doing. I always buy mine from a company called gearcraft.
  4. That might do the trick, a nicely polished connector goes a long way
  5. Solid choice, they are a pretty proven ccw gun at this point
  6. The p938 is definitely an excellent little gun, though my own carry preferences trend toward striker or da/sa hammer guns over SA with a thumb safety, i'd probably still happily carry one if it was in my collection...though if I was buying a 1911 pattern pistol for carry it'd be a SW1911 9mm Pro Series @kaiju_wars have you looked at revolvers at all out of curiosity? Since you're already leaning towards single stack, it seems like capacity isn't a huge factor for you, and the ruger lcr is a great carry gun. So is the s&w j-frame, though I personally hate how heavy the trigger i
  7. General ballistics are fine on .380, my hesitation comes from poor hollow point performance on them. The list of jhp rounds that spread properly on impact is tiny, and even then they only function as intended like 70% of the time. As for the p365 issues, the current revision has pretty much wrangled all of the gremlins. I didn't buy one until now for this precise reason and after keeping an eye on them for around 1.5 years, I was finally convinced they had the kinks worked out. Several of my friends have the current version and have put thousands of rounds through them without issu
  8. The 380 EZ is a neat gun, but it kinda has all the downsides of .380 without the one big upside when you’re looking at it for carry. .380 is just a little on on the wimpy side for defense, and you don’t even get the benefit of a super tiny gun like with an LCP or a colt/micro/p238/911. The 380 EZ is practically the size of a sub-compact 9mm. Though that reminds me, a p938 might also be worth looking at. Very small and slim for 9mm, though the round count isn’t great because it’s single stack, and they are kinda pricey.
  9. Just standard FMJs, but my issue with it wasn't it being snappy or anything. My issue is the trigger, it's just as mediocre as every other glock, and in that small a package, the safety blade causes trigger finger blisters like nobody's business! All things you could totally fix with aftermarket parts like every glock, but I don't like to modify a gun I plan to carry.
  10. I wasn't a fan of the 43x myself, it's just not a nice gun to shoot imo. Have you tried a p365? It's double stack but around the same size as a 43x, and around the same width of a shield.
  11. Hell yeah bud! I'm stuck on the p365 myself, mostly out of being a NYS resident and trying to optimise 10rnd capacity out of spite, but when it comes to pure single stack concealed carry goodness, the shield is what's up. The closest alternative is a commander 1911 in 9mm, which would cost nearly a grand and probably jam every other round! Keep us in the loop for your holster journey!
  12. I second the stealthgear ventcore, I've had both the standard(for my Sig M11-a1) and the mini(for my H&K P2000sk), and both have been excellent. Super comfy, cool, great retention, easy to reholster, and while I've never worn mine with a tucked in shirt, the clips look like they'd take to it just fine out of the box.
  13. Welp, traded in my LCR 9mm and Springfield 911, and have a p365 on order at my buddy's shop, figured it'd be filling the roles of both guns so the swap made sense, and I have some store credit left to play with. Time to see why everybody keeps raving about these things as CCW guns.
  14. I'm not saying it was cheap, but I paid $237 for a black dimpled match G17 barrel, which is better than a lot of the high end brands that want $250+ for anything that has both "match" and "Glock" in the description. EDIT: I should also specify that gen 3 specific barrels are usually pricier, because P80. It's kinda bullshit but that's the market
  15. I think it varies from part to part. Their slides are ridiculous, but I have a match barrel of theirs in my P80 and it's wonderful and was pretty reasonable cost wise. Also I admittedly like many apple products, but I'm fairly sure I knew what you meant