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  1. My card is a Zohar Amp GTX 1070. Recently i noticed temperatures shooting up and upon inspection found one of the fans is not spinning. When I touched it started to spin but was wobbling and was much slower than other fan. Temps came down a bit but each time pc is turned off and back on the same issue persists. I normally run fans at 100% to keep the card cool. The card is under 2 years old. Will this issue be covered under warranty ? Also as a separate query I have heard Zotac provides 5 year warranty if the card is registered within 2 weeks from purchase which I have done. Someone confirm th
  2. I recommend waiting. Pascal is old now and you wouldn’t want to be feeling bad when a much powerful card gets released for similar price in the near future.
  3. Just set an aggressive fan curve and see if it helps, or battery yet take out the card blow the dust out and put it back. No need to call for replacement
  4. Btw that 990FX killer survived for quite long. It ran the CPU at 4.2Ghz for around 2.5 years and the last 1 year with the CPU at 4.4Ghz when I upgraded to 1070.
  5. The other option is Gigabyte 990FX Gaming G1 at around 250$. The 970 board in question is around 150$. Prices are quite high here in India. These are the cheapest boards with most features here. There is also Gigabyte 990X for around 20$ cheaper than 990FX.
  6. My PC recently started freezing randomly and the issue was found to be with the Motherboard. Since my Pc is over 3 yrs old the warranty is over so I am planning on purchasing a new motherboard but the 990FX boards are really expensive right now for some reason and I found Gigabyte GA-970-Gaming AMD G1 Gaming Motherboard to be in my budget. On my failed 990FX board I used to run my FX 8320 @ 4.4Ghz with voltage around 1.450v. I wanted to know whether I can do the same with this Gigabyte board.
  7. When I boot up the first time the mouse was lagging for few seconds then fixed itself. I will try remounting the cooler but then what abt the bios resetting itself issue ? Every time I am forced to update bios after cold boot if I want to keep my overclock
  8. Hyper 212. But it froze while I was just browsing net with no particular load, before few weeks when I used to use the Pc I could game for hours without any issue.
  9. My computer will boot up and actually reach to the Windows OS bootup, but after a new minutes, the screen will simply freeze. This freezing continues after each hard-reset, and the interval between the re-bootup and the freezing becomes shorter each time, to an extend that not even the motherboard's welcoming screen shows up. The freezing is also present even in BIOS. The computer was unused for 2-3 weeks. Before that only issue I had was bios would reset itself and wouldn't save any changes unless I update bios each time after a cold boot. The freezing issue started only now. Specs are AMD FX
  10. My friend who currently have a GTX 760 is looking to buy a new CPU. He went to a local shop and these two are the options he got. So which will be better for gaming purposes ? He will be playing all sorts of games including aaa titles
  11. Find some benchmarks and see if u are satisfied with the settings/fps and if you are just go for for it
  12. Haha I think he was a little too salty. The videos are not of such great quality as they used to be but they might be running out of ideas since they upload videos daily. That's a point to consider
  13. The thumbnails are really annoying. I definitely gotta admit that. Again YouTube comment section is mostly filled with annoying fools
  14. Still ur Pc isn't working ? Did u test out before installing all parts ?
  15. And also advanced graphics tab. Those things take way more fps for little bit gain in visuals
  16. Make sure msaa and Txaa is off. Also look whether nvdia dynamic resolution thing is also off. And don't compare a PS4 with Pc dude. Put the settings to around medium and set fps 30 and reduce resolution to 900p or whatever PS4 is using and there u go. A PS4 with Pc controls
  17. You can try deleting that folder but most of the time it wouldn't get deleted fully unless u use disk cleanup. Disk cleanup can actually get rid of that folder. I think Windows will automatically delete it after 30 days if u haven't already. Not sure on that though. It's certainly nothing to worry about unless u start experiencing issues and in that case just completely format windows.
  18. I heard that on the latest graphics driver the 10'series cards are facing trouble with memory speeds. Try rolling back the drive to an old one(clean install).
  19. Try to squeeze in an RX 470. It's worth the extra. Other than that it looks fine to me.
  20. I personally like MSI cards most but went with Zotac this time as MSI cards had only red LED lights and the current trend is RGB everywhere....lol