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  1. I agree with this statement. It is obvious that LV is targeting average audience who will pay extra just because they want LV accessories in their homes.
  2. When it comes to anime I don’t have objections against dubs. Eg. I always preferred English Dragon Ball dub than original Japanese one. Also speaking of anime, it is one of THE WORST source for Japanese learning. I speak Japanese because of the business, but if you wanted to use anime Japanese you would easily offend someone. Japanese is not like English that you directly say someone that he is as****, mot********r etc. Just one wrong pronoun can make you sound aggressive. Also, during my first encounter with Japan local weebs were giving me “protips”, but those were super wrong. Rea
  3. Few decades ago when I was 14 I was working in a small PC repair shop and then during the summer I moved to maintain PC equipment, networking and servers at the local airport. So I would say that it depends.
  4. Again, you seem not to understand my reasons. So now I will shorten it as much as possible. After making a dish if I end up with anything more than egg shells when it comes to eggs, I don’t want to make it. Simple.
  5. Yes, I am aware of the reasons, but they still don’t make me like those recipes. As for soufflés etc. when you separate yolks from whites but in the end all of the eggs are used, I am fine with that. Anyhow, if I see recipes that eggs are not fully used by the end of it, I will most likely never try to replicate those.
  6. I hate recipes which don't use whole eggs, but instead only white(s) only or yolk(s) are used. Yes, unused parts can be used for other recipes, but I don't want to plan what to cook just to use remainder of eggs. It will happen more often than not that I will simply trash leftover egg parts.
  7. Not sure what is your setting, but if you are sitting around the table then look at microphones for conferences. Something like this https://www.audio-technica.com/en-us/microphones/wired/best-for/meeting-space/pro44
  8. In the broadcast situation you want something reliable and something that can be operated without much fuss. Basically, on the field when they record something they don't have much time to do a montage before eg. evening news so they want material that requires minimum processing. Those cameras are made to provide the best possible chance of getting a perfect video because you will not have another chance to get that "money shot". Even so, that Canon camcorder, although nice camera is just an entry level model IMHO. The ones that I've seen being used in big TV houses are usually Sony or I
  9. Oh yeah. There were so many times that I wanted to go to cinema in my home country to watch some cartoons just to figure out that they were dubbed. Awful. I made a promise to myself that if I ever make cartoon, one of the first things in the distribution contract would be that dubbing is prohibited.
  10. No Youtube video unfortunately. Have this on Bluray. Also seen them live 2 years ago, that was a great show. Old school Arch Enemy.
  11. As someone who is professionally involved into IT for years I must say that so called tech enthusiasts are generally lacking A LOT of IT related knowledge, both in the fields of hardware and software.
  12. I will try to put some more technical information from a perspective of a person who had to deal with FPGA based design. The main difference between FPGA and GPU is that GPU is basically one trick pony (which is very good at what it does), while FPGA can be reconfigured according to the specification, but the main design philosophy is the same. From now on, if you see FPGA the same principle applies to the GPU and many other ASIC based designs. Different grade FPGA require different power regulation and different memory configuration. You can easily see how high end GPUs have
  13. I can assure you that I am not a native speaker xD Just an European with business connections to Japan so I can speak and (somewhat) read Japanese
  14. I personally don’t read manga, however just by just checking Japanese Amazon there is a point that manga reading is ok. https://www.amazon.co.jp/Kindle-Paperwhite-防水機能搭載-Wi-Fi-8GB-電子書籍リーダー/dp/B07HD12H6W/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=kindle&qid=1625099845&sprefix=kind&sr=8-1 also if it weren’t ok it would probably have huge amount of 1 star reviews. Edit: I forgot to add that I have several Japanese climbing guides on my Kindle and I can see and read small kanji on maps in those books without any issues so I don’t think that there will be issues with