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  1. That would not work. It was reported to me that small pieces of glass are falling out. In my opinion only some sort of decal would hold it in place.
  2. Let me get straight to the point. My father accidentally cracked touchpad on the laptop. I would like to put some decal/film/whatever on top of it to mask the cracks. It is completely functional touchpad, only esthetics are ruined. So I am looking for a film which is sticky and can be applied on top of the existing touchpad without affecting the functionality. The other issue is that what I could find on ebay etc. is black, but color of the laptop is closest to the Macbook space gray. Any suggestions and links are helpful.
  3. Some amplifiers have rec output which is line level and perfectly safe to connect directly to the sound card. Although, I would rather use guitar VST plugins for this because usually sound from that output sucks. Unless we are speaking about some modern gear with IR responses on that line out and in that case it should be ok when paired with some decent IR On the topic of Reaper being free, it is “Winrar free”. Officially Winrar is paid software with evaluation period, but it will never stop working. It will just bother users at startup. Same is with Reaper. So technicall
  4. IMHO there are two types of influencers: 1) Guys like Linus who are actually putting effort into their content and by doing that influencing people on certain products/services. Those kind of preople are actually useful in society. 2) Useless Instagram and similar social network "celebrities" parasites which demand free stuff just because they have lots of followers and all that they are doing is putting photos on social media and behaving like "look at me peasants, I am enjoying".
  5. Melissa is such a killer album. And those two guys have musical synergy that I've never heard again in any other rock/metal guitar duo.
  6. Niksa

    Raspberry pi

    I am running it on Odroid which is also acting as micro NAS amongst other things.
  7. Niksa

    Visit Pakistan

    Speaking about visiting Pakistan, Karakoram mountain range is in my to visit bucket list. Although I am doing quite bit of mountaineering, I am still considering those mountains way too scary. Especially K2.
  8. You can literally go to Texas Instruments website and get phantom power supply from 5V schematic for free. It is example circuit from the boost converter datasheet. Also microphones require a small amount of current so those kind of circuits are cheap and easy to produce. Also probably that one which has 18V AC in is using the same circuit. In front of the Vin are transformer, rectifier and some capacitors along with voltage regulator to produce 15V DC from 18V AC.
  9. Regarding VSTs, here is something that was not discussed. VSTs don't need any special kind of storage, however VSTi will benefit from SSDs. VST is is usually something that will alter sound and doesn't use lots of disk I/O operations except to load itself into computer memory, VSTi is virtual instrument and in some cases (eg. virtual orchestra) samples are huuge. In that case you need fast storage to read that amount of data.
  10. If you find your mic too silent, cheap option is CT1 from Klark Teknik. It is essentially Cloudlifter for fraction of the price. K&M are great but pricey. Personally I bought K&M stand because while I was working with PA equipment long time ago K&M stands were only ones without issue and could handle misuse with ease. Maybe there are cheaper versions with comparable quality on Amazon etc. but I just bought something that I know it will work. Also price in my current country was 80ish USD, while in the US same thing is 150 USD. You have some nice friends with goo
  11. Did not listen Metal Church for almost 5-6 years. Great band.
  12. I personally have 2 UV C lights. One is similar like that one from Amazon and another is like small neon tube. I thought that one is never going to arrive so I ordered a second one and now I have two of them. In general UV C lights should have transparent tube. Those LED fancy looking ones are in 99% of cases fake and don’t produce UV C wavelength. UV C cuts strains in the DNA so exposure to it is dangerous for living beings. In humans it can produce nasty burns on the skin and sensation of having sand in the eyes for at least one week. Regarding ozone production, I can tel
  13. Got this beauty for ~30$. Great tones and electronics inside, not so great case (plastic). But since for me there is no such thing as too many different chorus pedals, it was no brainer.
  14. Your board should have S/PDIF pin headers. You can use that with optical out bracket to get optical out.