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  1. Firstly, I would like to know why people are recommending Yeti, mediocre microphone even for what is intended (voiceovers) as the jack of all trades? Personally I would stay away from them, especially for this kind of a setup. Since it is a indoor recording I would not go with shotgun. Sometimes reflection from the walls can interfere with shotgun’s interference tube and cause weird artifacts in the sound. Also, decent shotguns will be more expensive than decent small diaphragm condenser. Speaking of small diaphragm condensers, key words would be super cardioid or even bet
  2. That “trend” of forcefully putting one’s head into a cake is idiotic and unless the person who’s face is going into the cake did not fully agree to that action before, the perpetrators should not be surprised if they receive fist in their face afterwards.
  3. I remember finding that album on the vinyl when I was a kid among my father’s collection. Truly beautiful record and late Chris Rainbow had such great and emotional performance there.
  4. Got this thingie mostly to watch movies and surfing the internet from my bed
  5. Answer to the question - yes. Comparison with the banks - quite stupid. Social media platforms are more like bars or pubs. If you don’t behave, prepare to be kicked out even if you are their best customer.
  6. TBH when I saw the first trailer I was a bit disappointed. However, seeing the movie in the cinema the other day removed the initial disappointment. IMHO cinematography is the top notch. Being a fan of the series and everything surrounding it I've noticed some details that gave homage to Jodorowsky and Lynch. I would say that costumes have some inspiration from the Lynch movie which IMHO had great costumes and the new Dune also has great costumes. Looking forward to see Navigators and the emperor in the sequel. Speaking of the costumes, the mini series had super awful ones where Sardaukars the
  7. Personally I dislike multiplayer in general. Not my thing at all because I want to play games how I want, when I want and if I want to stop in the middle of the game I can do it. The last time I played Call of duty game it had single player campaign. I know that people are generally not buying CoD for single player only, but what happens in that case? Is that anti cheat system still installed and required for playing? Also on the topic of spying from the data in the memory. Everyone is like if China gets your data it is the end of the world. For me it is inexcusable to st
  8. Megadeth at their best. And that solo by Marty
  9. That's a great way to end a great album
  10. When you get in that age that you start to accumulate tools
  11. A new pair of Arc’teryx shorts. A bit pricey, but they are stylish, easy to climb with them and I don’t have to empty pockets while wearing harness.
  12. I believe from the tone and the context of my post one could extrapolate the fact that I was not speaking about tribal tattoos like what Maori people have, but about westerners.
  13. Although I am pretty open minded towards tattoos here are two examples which never looks good - neck tattoos. Small tattoos on side of the neck are fine, fully tattooed neck doesn’t look nice. It always looks way too much. - face tattoos. I don’t think that any explanation is necessary. Also how the f*** something that looks like as if toddler was trying to draw with sharpie on someone’s sleeping face is considered cool, good looking or anything positive? It looks like shit, period.
  14. I’ve decided to step up my climbing game so I ordered hangboard to increase my finger strength.
  15. KeePass is the standard when it comes to the password managers. It is open source so you can be sure that it doesn’t have any back doors. If you want to be extra paranoid then use something like VeraCrypt to completely encrypt the drive with the KeePass password database on it.