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  1. I have feeling that there was probably some unpleasant noise during the charge so engineers just decided to go with easier and cheaper route - just turn them off during the charge. This is just a wild guess. and I agree that modding them would be just huge waste of time and money.
  2. Niksa

    Hobby or Endgame?

    I agree. For example lots of Chinese cheap gear can produce great results so it is possible to make small home studio for making decent recordings without going bankrupt which was almost impossible 15-20 years ago when you had to invest significant amount just for basic hardware. Personally, if I wanted to record something which is not demo, I would find local studio which can produce wanted results and just pay them the asking price.
  3. Niksa

    Hobby or Endgame?

    I personally design, develop and integrate broadcast grade hardware and software. Both video and audio. When it comes to recording that is strictly personal (hobby). I don’t have nerves to work with half baked cheapskate “musicians” which “are going to be the next great thing” and being paid “in exposure”. I prefer my engineering salary and way of work any day of the week.
  4. Disenchantment is a good show. It is not Futurama, it is not supposed to be a new Futurama. If you want a new Futurama this show is NOT it. Nothing against Futurama, but stop giving undeserved shit to shows because they are not the same to the comparable ones. I also remember movie Evolution which was enjoyable for me, but people were talking shit because it was not another Ghostbusters movie.
  5. When you sign up for AWS you are responsible for the data. If AWS figures out that you use their services for illegal activities they will take action. Let’s take traditional datacenter environment for comparison. Some datacenters can lease you rack and networking for your servers. If you put server in there filled with illegal content, whose fault is that? AWS is the same thing, it only deals with virtual environments instead of using separate physical servers for each customer’s instance.
  6. Maybe a bit off topic but I would like to divide scalping in two categories. One would be for events and another is for goods. When it comes to events I can understand why people are willing to pay more and buy tickets front scalpels. Sometime it is once in a lifetime opportunity so you can either never see that event and maybe regret later or pay extra. However the second category is something that is quite recent one. That category is really easy to get rid of by completely ignoring all scalpels. Ask yourself, do you really need that RTX3080 now and pay significantly extra for it? Do y
  7. Let me just confirm this, they had their AWS root account configured without MFA? If so they asked for this. One of the first things they teach you about AWS is to put MFA on your root account and basically use it just to create initial users and then create users with minimum required privilege and setup MFA on each account. Usually CTO or other high ranking company official only should have root account access, not engineers. Those are basics of a basics and this incident happened only because of their sheer negligence.
  8. First, I never mentioned that majority are like that. Second, let's be honest, audiophile market has way too many snake oil products. Why it has that much snake oil products? Because people are buying them. It is simple principle of cause-effect. Just because you never met someone that bought 10k USD power cable is not relevant statistic. I've also never met such person and that is also not relevant statistic. But the fact is that 10k USD power cables exist and they are not being made by a single company. They exist because someone is willing to pay that price. As it is mentioned be
  9. I am finding audiophiles as interesting bunch. Muddy bass? 10k USD power cable should solve it. Sharp highs? for sure audiophile grade SATA cable for 500 USD will solve it. Acoustic treatment? What is that? That is unnecessary. It is usually always like that.
  10. What about something like Rode Videomic NTG? It has integrated preamp with adjustable gain and battery and can be connected to the phone directly either via 3.5mm or USB. Regarding other options, SM7 is gain hungry microphone and SM7+Scarlett would not produce good result without additional clan preamps like Cloudlifter, Fethead etc. Rode Wireless Go is good if she is only recording her own voice, otherwise not ideal.
  11. As others stated, record players are relying on gravity for their operation. However, there is one Japanese company called ELP which produces laser record players. In theory laser players should work, but the price is a bit of a issue.
  12. Agree to disagree. If there were no other solutions on the market then you can name your price and consumer will be in position “take it or leave it”. However, we have 2 Klark Teknik devices which should be the same or marginally worse than Cloudlifter or Fethead for significantly less money, so I as a consumer will look to get the best value for my money and in this case it would be Klark Teknik. I understand what you are saying is from the manufacturer perspective, however when we look from the global market perspective as consumers and take a look at the competition, then they are overprice
  13. Anyhow, I would say that both Fethead and Cloudlifter are overpriced for something that is a textbook example of how to use JFETs. So basically R&D did not take much time and money for both devices. Personally, CT1 is the most interesting solution for me because of its form factor and its price. Right now I have more free time because of the COVID so I decided to do some experiments with audio where I would benefit from having some extra gain. I was also thinking about going DIY way because I don’t want to pay 80+ bucks for 2 JFETs and 4 resistors. I have experience designing a bit more
  14. Cloudlifter uses dual LSK389 chips which are basically dual matched low noise N-Channel JFETs in a SOIC8 package. Fethead is literally 2 N-Channel JFETs (2SK170BL) and 4 resistors. Also Cloudlifter uses SMD components while Fethead uses through hole components. IMHO SMD is superior for this application because SMD circuit is much more resistant to noise caused by RF interference.
  15. Thanks guys for replies. Since those two products popped up after Music tribe bought the brand I just have to assume that they followed the same "R&D" practices as their other brands which is usually "just copy it". For me as a customer is great thing because I can get expensive stuff cheap. I currently can't get my hands to any of them as they are not being sold in the country where I live in currently, but other higher end Klark Teknik stuff is readily available. Also all web retailers which are willing to send to my place have their stock sold out. My question was mostly aim