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  1. If you haven't head of the wheelstand pro I'd recommend you look into it! Should be able to let you use your DFGT while gaming from that TV. Civ on a big screen looks amazing.
  2. Yep what abyss said. LTT have weekly meetups on Saturdays I believe
  3. You could clean it up, trying and make a random excuse and get it replaced? Or is that being too sneaky? If I were you I would
  4. My Sennheiser HD 598s work pretty nicely with the modmic
  5. Message her "Hey girl, are your parents are drug dealers because you're looking pretty dope."
  6. Need a new phone to replace my Nexus 5! Good luck to all
  7. Have you heard of the Red Bull X2010? Someone has modded it into Assetto Corsa. That's pretty mad
  8. There's some rally mods I've seen and also there's a map that I really love called lake louise. It's a HUGE highway/B roads sorta mountain layout road. http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/lake-louise-v2-08-23km-50km-mountain-epic-new-roads-and-layouts-updated-mar-9-2016.13505/ http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/rallylegends-mod-citroën-ds3-wrc-4-0-new-rallycross-track-holjesrx-by-ultranew_b.7632/ I don't have many amazing mods either so if anyone has some cool stuff quote me too please
  9. Step 1: Hold Tweezers Step 2: Use tweezers to hold onto the sim card Step 3: ??? Step 4: Profit
  10. Pictures? Was it not in a tray or anything? How about a toothpick with some tape on it?
  11. Oh no definitely I feel that. If mine died I'd be really upset but then I'd splash out for a T300
  12. To be honest, I've had the wheel for so long I'm just used to how it feels. I bought a G27 and returned it the same day because the FFB was just way too weak for some reason. Even maxed out it felt too light for something with two motors. Although the DFGT motor on mine has an insane amount of kick to it. Yeah the pedals are really crappy but I've also gotten used to that as well. I can brake pretty well although a little resistance would be nice. It probably helps that I had been using the wheel since I was 16 and now I'm 19 and can actually drive so I never knew how a real car's brake pedal
  13. Why don't you recommend the DFGT? I have one and personally it's an amazing wheel for the price. I'd definitely be up for some racing, although since I'm in the UK it might be a little hard. Also races are spilt by iRating so we might not get into the same split for races if they vary by ~400/500 points. I'll agree the Jefferson circuit sucks but the full course is so so much nicer. Next week is Charlotte road course (which I quite like) so hopefully you'll enjoy that circuit a bit more I had an amazing battle on that track a couple months ago, I might've linked it already but
  14. I believe it asks for an email when you sign up. I can PM it to you if you'd like whenever you sign up
  15. If you do I'd appreciate if you use me as a reference! I could do with the extra cash they give me for tracks and cars They usually have offers going on for new members where you can get 3 months for the price of 1 and stuff like that. Have a look around and see if you can find a code For trading paints I believe you need to download the program and from there you whoever is using TP as well can see the custom livery you've made and you can see what others are using. I think it works by uploading your livery to their database then you can select it for your car. I'm not too well v
  16. Yep, I use my real name, it's also a very uncommon name so I'm sure I'm quite recognisable from the name alone. I think you could get away with it because there is no way they can prove what your real name is without an official document. On the credit/debit card, it doesn't take your name from there. When you first sign up it will ask for your name. Yeah no one is able to tell what your real name is without knowing you personally. The iRacing userbase is quite small to be honest. I've been playing for a few years and I've yet to come across a real creep. There are the ones that ge
  17. Not even with the steam sale going on? I swear I saw Dirt rally on sale! I pray for you to get a racing wheel, it'll be the best birthday gift ever
  18. Are they detected in the logitech software?
  19. I was literally on edge through that clip. When we were literally a tenth between each other on the bank I was just praying one of us wouldn't ram right into the other into the first turn and surprisingly we didn't. Honestly probably one of my best moments on there besides winning a race
  20. I know this isn't any of the games mentioned but I had an amazing battle on iRacing not long ago and I have to share it. Battling right till the end. We basically crossed the finish line at the same time. I did accidentally take someone out because I couldn't see where he was and came in a little to tight into the corner at 4:28.