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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from Jinchu in 2560x1080 vs 2560x1440 gaming   
    That doesn't make sense since TVs are 16:9.
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from MadyTehWolfie in Is a 360 rad enough for CPU and GPU?   
    A radiator the same thickness of a H100 isn't going to cool very good. I put my 60mm thick radiator next to the H100 and it makes the H100 look like a toy. I'm not saying you can't do it but the temps are going to be pretty bad for watercooling.
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from sidewinder2 in Does 120Hz require more GPU power?   
    You get the same FPS on a 60hz monitor as you do on a 120hz monitor. Not sure where you heard this from but it's dead wrong. Sure you need more power to get more FPS but a 120Hz monitor doesn't affect FPS one bit. 
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to HaloFan9087 in [US-Amazon] Sennhieser HD 700 for $500 USD   
    Thought I would throw this out here for you guys looking for a very high quality pair of cans.
    Now I would never recommend these at full retail (1k), but at $500 they are as cheap as you'll likely see them w/o going used.
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to Commander Llama in *UPDATED* Asus ROG Swift - $574.04 USD [Amazon-US]   
    Well anecdotes will be anecdotes, won't they? I've had mine as long as Fluffy and it's great. Best gaming monitor I've ever owned, probably the perfect choice assuming one has the budget for a 1440p rig but can't quite do 4K yet. No deaths, no artifacts, no dead pixels. G-SYNC is awesome.
    TN? It's fine. I have it side by side with a PB278Q, admittedly older and PLS, should supposedly have better colours but that'd be splitting hairs, the difference is minimal. Large? It's a 27" monitor, so yeah it's fairly large, but it's the same general dimensions as any other 27" monitor. Actually for the screen alone, it's slimmer than the PB278Q by a decent margin. If I had a size issue, it does have a hefty power brick, but that sits in the darkness behind a desk.
    Admittedly, the revised PB279Q does look like a very nice improvement, but it's a ) not on sale right now, this is and b ) the new one will probably come with the massive launch price tag of the old one, not this price which could be less prohibitive.
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to Syntaxvgm in Thermaltake Poseidon Z Illuminated Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard $55.99   
    Fine buy a kailh switch keyboard for like 10$ less than a  real cherry keyboard from a company with dirty practices, idc what you do with your money 

    I just wanted to use that gif
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from Interfectorem in Project Kalte   
    Looks stellar! The blue dye really fits well with the rest of the system. Don't think you could of done much better for the first time. Welcome to the club man!!!
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to Interfectorem in Project Kalte   
    So all of my water cooling parts arrived today, I was extremely excited and could barely finish writing my signature for the FedEx guy. It was a rough and stressful journey, but in the end I made it. I present you my first ever custom loop, it looks pretty ugly but it is my first time, some angled fittings would've made it cleaner, but I'll leave that for next time. The pump res combo was a lot bigger that I thought (TWSS), as well as the CPU block, and the GPU block is heavy. The most frustrating part was mounting the top radiator, 0/10 would not do again. I absolutely love the pastel aesthetic of Mayhem's fluid. So here are some pics of the process, well not really, but I took pictures of all of the components and my finished result. I hope you enjoy.
    Here is my PC completely disassembled before the parts arrived.

    Here is the box of all the components, the FedEx guy might as well have been Santa Clause.

    CPU & GPU Block Packaging

    GPU Backplate Packaging

    Pump / Res Combo Packaging

    Tubing Packaging

    Fittings Packaging

    Two Radiators

    GPU Block Installed

    GPU Backplate Installed

    CPU Top

    CPU Bottom

    CPU Block Installed

    Pump / Res Combo

    Two Radiators


    Final Product

    Final Product 2

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    FluffyNuggets reacted to Interfectorem in Project Kalte   

    So I'm super glad to say that I have placed the order on my complete water cooling loop. The grand total was $718.99, not including previous purchases, such as fans and case. I'm not sure when it'll get here but I'll certainly post pictures of the process. The next week or so are going to be long.
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from Misanthrope in [OC3D] 980ti Benchmarked, Reviewed and Official Specs etc.   
    Well good thing it released when it did I put in a RMA for a refund for my Titan X Hydro. I'm not paying $1200 for this knowing the 980Ti is the exact same and overclocks better. Probably just gonna put my 780 Classy back in for now since nobody wants to buy it. Gonna wait for 390x to come out and probably just switch to AMD. I'm so sick of Nvidia and their garbage of screwing over everybody. They managed to screw over 970, 980, and Titan X owners with this series of cards so I'm over it. 
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to Lays in [OC3D] 980ti Benchmarked, Reviewed and Official Specs etc.   
    classified mang
    look @FluffyNuggets it's beating the oc'd titan X
    (just messing around with ya buddy)
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to jinroh10 in GTX 980TI Pricing   
    As for the Titan X, my moto is "It better to have and not need than to need and not have" so in that matter im sure the Titan X wins.
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from jinroh10 in GTX 980TI Pricing   
    I hated it on the Classified 780 Hydro Copper just because it was red. I love the looks of the Titan X Hydro Copper since the logo is white and the entire block lights up white. Looks sexy!
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from jinroh10 in GTX 980TI Pricing   
    It doesn't matter what they do to the card it will still have the exact same voltage restriction. Sure you can flash to a higher voltage BIOS but you can do the exact same thing on a Titan X. It defies logic that a cut down Titan X could ever be faster then an actual Titan X. People seem to think the 980Ti is some magical card that's some how faster then a Titan X. It's not gonna be faster, regardless what you do. Sure you can overclock it to close the gap but you can do the same thing with the Titan X. Anything that card will do the non cut down one will do better.
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from jinroh10 in GTX 980TI Pricing   
    Yeah it is. It's not cheap by any means buy its a pretty damn powerful card. Damn near doubles my performance on BF4 compared to a 780 Classified.
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to byalexandr in GTX 980TI Pricing   
    Overclocking it won't result in a Titan X. In any way, the Titan X will remain better.
    1. You can still overclock the Titan X.
    2. There's a lot of stuff diabled on the 980 Ti that prevents it from ever being as fast as the Titan X.
    Anyway, the Titan X for a couple hundred more (as you're already spending around $800) would be a better buy, as you'll get a f*cking Titan X and 12GB of VRAM for high resolution gaming.
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from jinroh10 in GTX 980TI Pricing   
    For 4k I don't think the 980Ti will cut it. 6GB may seem like enough but I've seen more then that at 1440p with the Titan X. Seen 6GB in Far Cry 4 and a whopping 8GB on Shadow of Mordor. Just imagine games next year and you'll see my point. People can say 12GB is a waste all they want but I'd rather have too much then not enough. I'm so sick of buying a card and then be VRAM bottlenecked less then a year later. My vote is the Titan X and then add a second later when they are dirt cheap.
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from ClownFace1511 in GTX 980TI Pricing   
    Assuming you have the EVBot and watercooling probably. I'm over the whole Classified card garbage. Had a 780 Classified and thing wouldn't overclock very good at all unless running insane voltages with a flashed BIOS. Stock or LN2 BIOS doesn't make the card overclock any better. It's basically a more expensive version of the same card that basically overclocks the same. 
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to wolfplayer in Requested pictures of coolant tube color combos   
    I'm following it closely and haven't set the titan in stone. I think the performance may or may not be better but if they are close I'll side with the bigger stack of ram as the price I believe will be about 850 for the amd. I'm not buying the video card for a few more weeks.
    Also Fluffy I like the color, stands out nicely
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from Bloodyvalley in [Amazon] 500GB Samsung 850 Evo for $179.99   
    Makes me sad that I paid more than that for a 120GB Intel SSD not long ago lol. 
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from Interfectorem in Project Kalte   
    Can't wait to see what you do with it!
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to Interfectorem in Project Kalte   
    So, where shall I start. Well, this is my most expensive, money-wasting, and ambitious "investment" I will most likely ever do. I will be constructing a full custom water cooling loop. The loop includes a Gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming, and an AMD FX-8320 (Yes, I will upgrade to an i7-6700K when it comes out). This will all be housed within my Corsair Vengeance C70 Fractal Design Define S case. Although some modding will be required to fit in the two 360mm radiators I have planned. The total cost of this loop will be $700. I will be saving up my precious paychecks over the course of about 2 and a 1/2 months. So, without further a do, here is the parts list I have planned. Since this is my first loop ever, I may not be the most educated on this topic, but I've done my best to do my research online. If you have any tips, please feel free to drop them, and  I appreciate any feedback.
    CPU Waterblock: EK-Supremacy EVO - Acetal+Nickel RECEIVED
    GPU Waterblock: EK-FC970 GTX WF3 - Acetal+Nickel RECEIVED
    GPU Backplate:  EK-FC970 GTX WF3 Backplate - Black RECEIVED
    Case: Fractal Design Define S RECEIVED
    Radiators: 2x Alphacool NexXxos ST30 Full Copper 360mm RECEIVED
    Pump/Res: XSPC Photon 170 D5 Vario RECEIVED
    Fittings: x10 EK-ACF 12/16 (7/16 ID & 5/8 OD) - Blue RECEIVED
    Tubing: PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 12/16 (7/16 ID & 5/8 OD) - Clear RECEIVED
    Fluid: Mayhems Pastel Blue Berry RECEIVED
    Fans: x6 Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 2000 PWM (Already have 2) RECEIVED
    Lighting: NZXT 2-Meter White LED Strip Sleeved RECEIVED
    CPU: Intel Core i7-5820K ORDERED
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (4x4 Blue) ORDERED
    Motherboard: ASRock X99 Extreme6 ORDERED
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to ForsakenLive in Need Help With Tubing Size and What to Buy   
    It's more of a matter of opinion and preferences.
    Personally I'd go with 1/2 by 3/4 tubing. I like the fact that it stands out so much (larger) and it's the less kinky of the three options, as long as you get a good brand.
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    FluffyNuggets reacted to AlanTheEmu in H100i died. Should I replace or custom?   
    $20 for a pump? Most pump tops cost more than that. Pumps are more likely to be around the $90-$120 price bracket depending on if your getting DDC or D5
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    FluffyNuggets got a reaction from Syte in (Massdrop) LG 34UM94 - 3440x1440px monitor for $749.99 USD   
    Had the UM95 and while gorgeous it was pretty meh in FPS games. Have the ROG Swift now and worth every penny!