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  1. It can be one of the following. Air not properly bleed from loop. Improper CPU block mount. Motherboard overvolting CPU. I have a 3900X under a custom loop with a 140x3 60MM thick rad and my temps like yours was close to 70. The cause was the motherboard was hitting the CPU with 1.45V. I did an override to the V-Core and put it at 1.3v which fixed it. Now I sit around low 50's and my CPU is boosting anywhere from 4.2Ghz-4.5Ghz or higher. If I was a betting man I'd say that's most likely your issue. Those temps are in summer with my system in the upstairs roo
  2. That card has an issue with the Strix cooler. I'd return it and get the Red Devil.
  3. 9% slower for cheaper than a 2060S that outperforms it lol. Hardly a tier below. The fact it does beat the 2070S in games negates it being a tier below.
  4. Yeah totally my bad misread the 6 as a 7. But yeah the 5700 XT does battle with the 2070 Super and beats it in other games. Gotta look at reviews my dude its right there.
  5. You mean between 2060 super and 2070 Super since it battles it out far more with the 2070 Super than 2060 Super.
  6. That happens with most phones it's not an exclusive problem. New software just isn't made for older devices.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-34-Inch-Widescreen-Monitor-C34F791/dp/B01M1D7JVO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1493424888&sr=8-1&keywords=samsung+791
  8. 16:9 monitors get boring regardless of refresh rates. I was getting bored of gaming and bought a 3440x1440 monitor and it's completely different while gaming.
  9. I run it fine on a GTX 1070. Sure it's not uber maxed settings on every game but I honestly don't care. The response times are what matters to me more than how shiny some texture looks.
  10. I'll personally never buy another G-Sync monitor if that's any help. For sure it works and makes games run smooth but it's just another thing that could possibly fail and kill your monitor. My PG278Q one day suddenly had distorted text so I disabled G-Sync and helped for a few hours then started again. Lowered refresh rate fixed it for a few hours then suddenly full white screen of death. Come to find out the G-Sync module died and took the whole monitor out with it. IMO, G-Sync is like paying extra for somebody to come by in a year and destroy your monitor. I've never had a monitor die so fas
  11. G-Sync is V-Sync, only difference is G-Sync syncs with your GPU. You don't need it enabled pulling high frames, it's only worthwhile at lower framerates from my experience.
  12. I went from the ASUS PG278Q 144Hz 1440p monitor to the Samsung CF791 34" 3440x1440 100Hz monitor and the Samsung is way better. While your standard 1440p monitor isn't bad, ultra wide is just on a whole other level.
  13. You should have a few year warranty on it. I just replaced mine a few months back because the G-Sync went out on it and distorted the text and next day monitor had a solid white screen. I did an advanced RMA because I didn't want the same monitor repaired and sent back. Took ASUS almost 3 months to send me one and probably 6 hours on the phone. Be warned they are a horrible company when doing advanced RMA's. They tried sending me a $300 monitor as a replacement for the Swift and when I declined they cancelled the RMA.
  14. Mine seems firm laying flat with the feet off. It doesn't wobble but slides slightly. It's really not a bad keyboard for the cost and you can change the keycaps like you said.