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  1. Hello guys, i was wondering whats the difference between Vcore and CoreVID so i google it , acording to most people CoreVID is voltage that the cpu ask for, the other hand Vcore is the voltage we actually give to the cpu. I set my cpu to 4.1ghz and 1.175v, but according to HWinfo and OCCT the CoreVID is at 1.3v in some cores, this mean that i need to increase the Vcore? i tried a stress test (OCCT) for almost 1 hour and my system seems to be stable Thanks ! and sorry for my bad english
  2. i realised that my bios have an option called AMD Manual Overclock, have anyone tried that? it is any difference between that and the regular overclock? it seems to be way easier because you can set the specific voltage value insted of going + and - (image from internet)
  3. sorry i forgot it, i have an ryzen 3600,mother gigabyte b450 ds3h and 16gb 3200hz thanks for answering im going to try that, but anyway all that i want to know is why overclock with ryzen master to 4.2ghz and undervolting without a single problem, but i cant do the same on bios, i cant even set it to 4.0ghz without increasing voltage
  4. hello guys i have my ryzen 3600 overcloked to 4.2ghz and voltage lowered to 1.25 using ryzen master (0 errors using OCCT, also played some games), but when i want to overclock with bios even at 3.9ghz i had a lot errors right away and im not even lowering the voltage anyone know the reason of this? thanks!
  5. it is called banding? sorry i have been using a wrong term, my english is not that good so there is nothing wrong with my monitor? because those 2 images that you linked looks fine to me, no banding
  6. i got it, im going to install windows right away, but in a future it is safe to use Samsung Magician Secure Erase for a crucial ssd? the Crucial Storage Executive does not have that feature
  7. in the first image you can notice it in the black hair, in rey light's saber and the last one pretty much everywhere, anyway this also happen in some games like genshin impact and the witcher 3 at night, also in the battlenet launcher is really noticible but is kinda hard to see in the image
  8. mine is also set to 8bpc
  9. Hello guys, do i need to secure erase a new ssd? it is safe to use samsung magician to perform a secure erase on my crucial ssd? thanks!
  10. Hello guys, anyone know why this happen to my monitor? it mostly happen with black degradation but it can be noticible with other colours too my monitor is an viewsonic xg2401, i know its not a very good monitor but im pretty sure this problem is somethig new, i noticed it like 1 week ago or something thanks!
  11. Hello, can you guys tell me which of this ssd is better please? Patriot Burst 480gb Kingston A400 480gb WD Green 480gb Thanks!!
  12. Hello guys, i have an gigabyte b450b d3sh and i was wondering how many fans can it handle, anyone know? thanks!
  13. this one? so it is actually 1.1v right?
  14. am i looking at the right thing?