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  1. http://www.kingston.com/datasheets/KHX16C9B1BK2_8.pdf This is the data sheet for her Ram, its approved for CL9-9-9-24 with 1.65v @1600mhz, its most likely auto configured its self at 9-9-9-24 with 1.5V @ 1333mhz so just bump up the ram speed to 1600mhz and check for stability with memtest, if this fails bump the RAM voltage up to 1.65v
  2. Hi can you elaborate on why you dislike corsair?
  3. Just an update, I ended up getting a "Reeven RC1204", which is basically a horizontal CM 212 and i put a SP120 PWM fan on-top i did have to move a stick of ram over to the 3rd slot, so I am now populating slot 3 and 4 so only running in single channel mode. however i haven't noticed any performance difference. Around 3mm space between heatsink and 3rd dimm, but heatsink has room under for low profile dimms. Around 10mm from side panel fan and heatsink fan. Fits like a Glove :D Temps are down from 70~ degrees gaming to 40, should see a very small improvement when Artic silver TIM set
  4. I have never really looked at the 1155 Xeon's but this is honestly amazing, do you loose support for XMP/higher RAM speeds?
  5. Hey Guys, Yesterday i started getting these weird artifacts while playing any full screen game with SLI turned on, I don't have any pics but it was basically a red outline between any sort of color difference, so things like gun detail and clouds were highlighted red. After searching around for a solution I found that it could be the SLI cable, well the contact between the cards. sure enough after taking it off and on again a few times to make sure there was no debris or anything interfering with the contacts it fixed my problem. Hope this helps anyone who has a similar problem :)
  6. They are looking to sell them on there website http://www.corsair.com/us/ i'm not sure there whereabouts or for how much or if there event up yet :(, I have been inquiring about this kit for a long time and every time the release date just keeps getting pushed further and further back. As for other PSU's on the corsair line, i'm honestly not sure, since the 2013 edd of the GS come out they have been talking about putting out color schemes.
  7. Ok thanks for pointing me in the right direction (Y)
  8. Thanks for the Suggestion, I found a video by Skratchwiz_PC on YT which shows it would fit quite nicly (hes using the Rampage 4 GENE, i have the 5 GENE so i assume it will fit) with the heatpipes toward the RAM, (i don't plan on adding any more RAM) Also TTL did a view on this cooler and rated it really well (Y)
  9. I have posted the maximum dimensions in the first post. Sadly its too tall, I already have one of these kickin' about ;)
  10. Bibo

    noob question

    I believe you will be able to control the fan speed within the bios, not sure about a 3rd party app, 3pin work off undervolting the fan, the problem with this design is some fans need a starting voltage of 5-7volts so if the profile is set too low some fans wont start (just twitch). However PWM pulses 12volts to lower the speed, this means you don't lack the start up voltage but can easily control the fan speed, I believe the 4th pin on PWM controls a transistor to pull the current straight to ground bypassing the fans motor. so a PWM fan is essentially a 3pin fan with a transistor to a
  11. The NZXT Vulcan doesn't support these coolers, the two top 120mm fans are right up to the mobo, the VRM heatsink would obstruct. Thanks though :)
  12. Its a 92mm rear exhaust, I have seen people wiggle the tubes between the 3.5" cage and GPU and mount it at the front but i'm not too keen on this idea
  13. Hey guys, I'm a little stuck with choosing a good CPU cooler, I am looking for a good heatsink to keep my CPU cool and maybe give some headroom for OC'ing. I have; CPU: intel Core i7 2600k Mobo: Asus Maximus V GENE RAM: Corsair Vengeance (high profile) Case: NZXT Vulcan I am currently using the intel stock cooler. These are the dimensions i have to stay within Max height for the case 130mm (because i have 35mm thick side fan installed) http://www.nzxt.com/product/detail/36-vulcan Rear fan mount is 92mm here is a picture of my rig; I have looked at
  14. Yeah (Y) I have to say your build looks a lot cleaner than mine, I pretty much gave up with cable management since there was next to no room on the back of the mobo tray and with the PSU being non-modular
  15. oops, there only dual slot cards (Asus 560ti)