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  1. @LinusTech Title says it all. Jump to 1:29 in the first video. Highly doubt they asked you to use half a second of your face in a headset
  2. HOLY BALLS!!! I love how small and portable it is. No mounting awkwardly on the ceiling required. Great for when you're renting a place you can't drill holes into the walls. This would ACTUALLY give my friends a good reason to come to my apartment for once to play games and watch movies. *fingers crossed*
  3. The slow motion was pretty awesome. But anything to do with a camera would make me salivate in public.
  4. I wouldn't mind a streaming PC for Steam. Sign me up.
  5. This will give me a reason to upgrade from my i7-2600K @4.8GHz on air cooling. Dark rock pro 3 FTW
  6. Sounds to me like a motherboard issue at this moment. start using known good components (New psu, New cpu if you have another lga2011 chip somewhere, a different stick of ram known to be good) Also, take a good look at the CPU pins.......all 2011 of them If it continues, sounds like a motherboard issue. And since its shutting itself off, most likely short protection. try hooking everything to another board just for kicks even. that should narrow things down as well
  7. I won a pebble steel from a smartwatchfans contest but its still backordered. Ordered back in jan....... cant wait to get it though.
  8. Alright, Here's the low-down. First of all, Amazon is not a profitable company. They loose money each quarter. yeah they have a huge market share and stock is like 380 something a share now for amazon at this time? they still loose money. Now the CEO outs this drone thing out of the blue? What DO YOU REALLY THINK is going on here? if you said for marketshare and stock value to go uphill, you are definitly right. Next is LIABILITY There are SO many things wrong with ACTUALLY implementing these drones. It was said that these drones are going to have a 5-10 mile radius so they are implying
  9. I have the same one. just for my work computer until my personal rig is done (did someone say build log coming soon-ish?) overall its a great psu. I got it a little cheaper on ebay though. I wouldnt spend more than $80 on something that's non-modular. Just look around. look at pcpartpicker, itll tell you usually where to find it the cheapest
  10. Along with Amazon Prime, free 2-Day shipping is definitely a good deal.
  11. Although the starting price isnt $29.99USD anymore (its $39.99USD) you can still get the $10 off making it $29.99. I picked it up. Thanks OP
  12. I wish this was a release date and not a more likely "announcement" for like Q2 2014 (most likely)
  13. Purpose of this thread is to post pictures of builds or computer related images that would make great wallpapers for phones, tablets, or our very own pc's. Ill start by adding a few. Only the Corsair ones I took myself of the front of my 800D (before sandblasting it.. can someone say "Build Log coming"?). I tried to make landscape and portrait pics for phones and and widescreens. I don't own the others EDIT: The landscape ones appear cut off in the thread but just download (or open in new tab) to see the whole pic
  14. With these prices and battery differences, it seems like the 2 variants might have different specs. $299-snapdragon 600 (smaller battery) $399-snapdragon 800 (bigger battery) I mean it would make sense.