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  1. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to Alex Atkin UK in should i upgrade my mobo?   
    I doubt you are missing out on anything important.
  2. Funny
    Wingfan reacted to aisle9 in OMG GPU SHORTAGE IS REAL   
    It is a pretty interesting collection, though. Pop stars, evictions, Pokemon, guns and a motherboard.
  3. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to Chris Pratt in dual channel or single channel   
    How did conversations go nowhere? Why would multiple conversations even be necessary?
    The definitive answer: dual channel is better. It's literally twice the memory bandwidth. There's not even an argument to be made that single channel is even an acceptable option.
    After writing the above, I'm starting to wonder if maybe you're asking about single vs dual *rank*? Channel and rank is not the same thing.
  4. Funny
    Wingfan reacted to kfinch in Finally got my pre-built. Now what?   
    So my redux prebuilt finally showed up, what now? 
    I7 10700k and a 3080. 
    What programs should I use and changes to make after setup to best utilize my hardware. 
    the i7 has an aio but unfortunately the 3080 is only stock air cooler. (For now) 
  5. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to Chris Pratt in Router and gaming router   
    Gaming routers are mostly marketing BS. All they do is use QoS to prioritize "gaming" devices like consoles. You can achieve the same effect with any router with QoS, which is basically all of them at this point.
    You can likely still find a better router than what your ISP is providing you, but don't waste your money on the stupidly expensive gaming ones. Just get a good quality WiFI 6 router.
  6. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to emosun in Is my 5800x a good bin?   
    if you think it;s good then it's good.

    I'd qualify any cpu that works as being good though so if you like it then it's good.
  7. Funny
    Wingfan reacted to emosun in I want to extend my gaming experience.   
  8. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to 7heo in I want to extend my gaming experience.   
    It's a bit difficult to answer you without knowing what you currently have, besides 1000 bucks. Do you even have a desk or a chair? Electricity? I'm assuming yes, since you posted here, but who knows? 🙄
    After a second read of your question, it appears you copy/pasted a template question and filled it without reading the template. The template clearly specifies what you should be writing, and didn't. Also, if we didn't have the context of this particular forum, it would be impossible to deduce you want to buy a new computer. Let alone that you are talking about a computer. it could be anything. Seriously, if you want an answer, maybe try to commit a little.
  9. Informative
    Wingfan reacted to YoungBlade in I've found a purely gaming situation that uses more than 8 cores worth of Zen 3   
    I've been doing various things with games to see how much usage I can push out of my 5900X. In most situations, the total usage doesn't break 33% according to HWInfo64, which fits with the understanding that 4c/8t CPUs are still okay for a lot of games. When it does go over that in more CPU demanding titles, it generally doesn't break 50%, so the idea of "6c/12t is enough for modern gaming" seems to hold true. Even the Ashes of the Singularity Escalation CPU Benchmark usually sits at just 55% and only sometimes goes into the mid 60s. That would imply that a 5800X would perform nearly identically. If even that benchmark can't break 67%, then surely 8c/16t is more than enough for gamers.
    To be clear, it's not that some cores are seeing 0% usage - all of the cores get some usage in all of these scenarios - but the total level of CPU headroom afforded by a 5600X is basically never exceeded in games, and the headroom of the 5800X is straight up never exceeded, which is what I expected to find. No game should need more than that.
    When loading Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition from my NVMe drive, my 5900X not only stayed above 50% the whole time, but it reached 70.8% total usage for a bit. That is 8.5 cores worth of usage (including SMT), which would mean that, if I had a 5800X, it could've been maxed out at 100%. The loading would have taken longer on an 8c/16t CPU of the same architecture.
    I didn't have anything else going on in the background, so this is just the game and Windows using over 8 cores worth of Zen 3. Not a lot more, but any amount over that was unexpected for me.
    To be fair, this is not happening in game. (That doesn't break 40% usage for me) But loading up a game is part of the game, and I definitely notice a huge difference in loading time compared to my previous CPU - a 9600K that absolutely did max out when loading that game. I used to get up and go get a drink or something while the game loaded, because it took so long. To be fair, I'm guessing I wouldn't notice a difference between this and a 5800X without timing it, but this is technically a situation where a game alone wants more than 8 cores from a modern CPU.
  10. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to Slottr in Looking to upgrade my 1080p Monitor to a 1440p.   
    1070 will not be running you anywhere near 240 fps on 1440 with those games.
    I would stick to your current display until you can get both a gpu and monitor at the same time
  11. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to Kilrah in Will only 8+6+8 instead of 8+8+8 work on 3080ti?   
    It likely won't even POST, GPUs usually check they've got all the required connections. 
  12. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to tikker in Will only 8+6+8 instead of 8+8+8 work on 3080ti?   
    Personally I always stick to the "if it was meant to power it, it would have had the cables" mantra. I would get a PSU that has the required cables and wattage of power this beast.
  13. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to YoungBlade in When will 1440p become the new 1080p?   
    If we consider the Steam Survey to be accurate, in October 2018, only about 4% of players had a 1440p display. Today, that number is just over 9% when combining 2560x1440p with 1440p ultra wide.
    In about 3 years, we've seen adoption double. If that trend continues (which is a dubious proposition, but for the sake of argument, we'll consider it) then we'll reach 50% adoption around 7 or 8 years from now.
    Actually, in the last month, 1440p adoption decreased. I'm guessing this is because a lot of gamers value refresh rate over resolution and so are purchasing 1080p 240Hz and 1080p 360Hz displays instead.
  14. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to dizmo in Suddenly feel not used to my mouse   
    I don't think a mousepad would have that effect and you certainly shouldn't be looking for any kind of medical advice online, especially on this forum.
    It's likely all in your head.
  15. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to HairyChickens in Does my HDD runs slow?   
    5400 rpm with windows ooft
  16. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to GreatnessRD in Linus Buying "The Wall" - A $360,000 USD Television   
    Why are you trying to tell that man what to do with his money? How do you know he hasn't already paid for his children's college?  How do you know he hasn't already looked out for Luke? He gives builds away and sponsored ones Why are you in that man's pockets?  I got questions, pimp!
  17. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to dreamcast4599 in I think I broke my pc ?   
    re install windows be sure to delete any logical drives that show up that way it will ask you to create a new fresh empty drive for the install
  18. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to Donut417 in What is wrong with my Internet?   
    Yeah, WiFi is not Ethernet. WiFi does not have the same guarantees when it comes to performance. 
  19. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to Freakwise in What is wrong with my Internet?   
    You already have wired connection going through your ps5
    Any reason you not also hard wired your pc that's only 10 feet?
  20. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to tkitch in Your opinion matters: Should I upgrade my RAM?   
    getting faster RAM won't get you enough of a performance boost to matter.  Don't waste your money.
  21. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to Brooksie359 in Question I7-9700KF @4.6Ghz 16GB DDR4 @3200Mhz with a 2060 Super   
    Wait so what is the issue? 
  22. Funny
    Wingfan reacted to JeremyHry in Scammed on eBay   
    First time using eBay to look for graphics cards, and I find a rtx 2070 for 400cad with the title “image of RTX 2070 EVGA XC FAST SHIPPING” and the stupid me didn’t see the “image” part of that and ordered it. Now here I am with an image of an rtx 2070 and no money.

  23. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to 8tg in Scammed on eBay   
    The fact that this worked on someone is absolutely hilarious. Like this sucks, but if you honestly fell for that then it’s totally your fault.
     A 400$ 2070? Reaaaallly? You really thought any 2070 would be 400$?
  24. Funny
    Wingfan reacted to AkIonSight in If you ever feel useless, remember that D-Link has an official tutorial on the D-Link Usa youtube channel about how to cuddle your router   
    This is actually legitimate, i found this via a google search on "cool things to do with a router"
     It wont void your warranty
    My thoughts
    ig more weebs will buy D-link?

  25. Agree
    Wingfan reacted to Downkey in upgrading mobo   
    What is wrong with your current board?