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  1. Any premixed liquids that you recommend? Already spent quite a lot of money on this so no real reason on saving 30e more
  2. Which clear tubing would you recommend? Also is alcohol safe for cleaning nickel plating? ( i know vinegar isnt but i dno for alcohol) Damn you legend, thats what I had and i just realised that the most affected ones were right after the kill coil, i was going to get a biocide anyway so this works out well
  3. If i remember correctly it the Pro LRT that have that problem, Advanced should be fine from what i had read. However this is not coming off even with intense scrubbing
  4. Primoflex Advanced LRT, if its that, shouldnt it come off with cleaning?
  5. Nah its not that, all the metals are fine and all the blocks were looking as good as new, its those fittings that only have it
  6. Hello all, I did a complete tear down of my watercooling loop since it was running for a year and I noticed these tiny little bubbles on the compression fittings. The system overall had no growth or issues with different metals being mixed. 3/10 fittings did not have it but i dont remember where they where. Any idea of what these are? I tried soapy water and cotton swabs and they dont come off. I could probably use them again and have 0 issues but want to know if anyone else has seen these before? Thank you
  7. Chocolate is nice but i prefer vanilla or cream. Ask her for that fam
  8. i got 2 black ice sr2's and i run them with rpm around 500-600 and the temps are pretty good.
  9. you put 8aa right? The game doesnt like max AA, turn it down and itll work.
  10. do u have AA max or res scaling or something? my 4770k at 4.2 with a 980ti gets the same FPS in 1440p in max settings with scaling to 100% and no AA in dx11
  11. I have increased them and it made no difference to cpu temps, it makes a difference to gpu but no cpu If i delid ill get a bigger difference cause haswell. Room is always 20c and as for water temp, i dont have a sensor yet, but if the gpu is around 26c, the water temp should be lower than that.
  12. Yeah its an EVO block, i got a black top so i cant see inside and i use the correct IN and OUT port. Ill see how the temps go when playing cpu intensive games or programs but delidding will probably happen once the warranty runs out
  13. nothing obstructing the way here. I might just delid
  14. @W-L @0ld_Chicken I just remounted the block, used different tim and the temps are the same so could it just be the bad tim in the IHS?
  15. Yeah i saw that you must spread the liquid metal. And if i decide to delid and naked dye ill trust in EK to prevent my cpu from being completely crushed lol. As for sticking an I7 in a vice, it seems so counter intuitive its great lol
  16. If i decide to delid which im really considering since the vice method seems extremely easy ill probably go straight naked mount kit I will remount the block tomorrow and ill comment here again. I am guessing i might not have put enough tim. Thanks again for replies.
  17. i set up the loop 1 week ago, everything new. It could be possible that the cpu loop has gunk inside. I did flush the rads very well before in case you were going to ask
  18. Yeah that would make sense but temps changed only by that small voltage increase. In aida i just leave the default tests, CPU,FPU, cache, system memory. But i see what what u mean with FPU only,ill test this tonight again. I also have OCCT with linpack running atm and temps are around 63c ( only running for 5 min for the moment) If its anything useful, before starting OCCT the gpu was at 23c and after 5 min it went to 26c with no load on it so the water should be around that temp i guess(?) You are right for the water sensor, i will probably do it a lot sooner than i expected, draining and
  19. I might remount it but i am seriously considering delidding it as well, what tim did u replace it with? The one thing that i already changed so far is the voltage and forced it to 1.12v(manual voltage) instead of it going to 1.18(adaptive) and temps in aida64 after 1h were around 54c at 600rpm. From what I've gathered so far it seems like Haswell is being haswell with shit tim. Thanks for the replies so far btw EDIT: forgot to also say that i tried 1.3v for 4.7ghz and temps got to around 80c under aida64 in 10 minutes ( in case this helps with anything)
  20. it made no difference, even set the pump to 100%. Flow rate is good because when i filled it it was like opening a tap. Also GPU temps are fine, 10 minutes in Heaven temps went slowly from 30c to 40c and fan speed seems to have an effect on it.
  21. Well setting everything to 100% (fans and pump) made no difference to temps
  22. They go higher but i have them set to that just for them being quiet. and you are right I will buy one for the next time that I need to empty the loop http://imgur.com/a/mq4CD I screwed them on diagonally and all Ill try that again. It may be the case that the software causes more volts to go to cpu, HWmonitor showed 1.18v to the cpu whereas it should be 1.12
  23. Im comparing this to my old H100i which got around 80c with same OC. They are silverstone ap121's and they are good for rads Rads are blackice SR2's that have low FPI (7 if i remember correctly) so they are optimised for low rpm fans. Reseating block is a possibility but i cant imagine how someone i can do something different ( its an EK block and did exactly what it said)
  24. My setup is: a 360mm and 280mm, 60mm thick rads and the fans are running at 600rpm The 4770k has a small OC to 4.2GHz at 1.123v and the gpu is a 980ti but it doesnt really matter here. While running Aida64/OCCT the CPU gets to around 70C (no gpu load) and for all that rad space that looks a bit high. Even if i reset my OC, the cpu still gets to 60c. This is normal or do i need to reapply thermal paste or something else?