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  1. Snurfus https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/aBRl_4ZS6
  2. When my mom came to visit my sister she brought the password for her wifi connection at home in case she wanted to use the wifi at my sisters place...
  3. One or two 980ti's if they are released, if not, two 970's. Upgrade my tubing to hardline, install a flowmeter and better drainage system.
  4. It would be a perfect excuse for upgrading to X99, not that I need to, I just want to
  5. Congrats on the million! Been watching for a few years and it's been fun watching the channel grow, look forward to watch it continue to grow.
  6. A lot of great builds, I find it a bit odd that only 184 people have voted on a forum this big.
  7. Very cool, really innovative case mod and looks very nice!
  8. Forum ID: FreyrGauti Build Title: My Fortress. Thread URL: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/9963-my-fortress-build-watercooled/ Description: My eventually custom watercooled Silverstone Fortress FT02 build with a 3x180mm radiator.
  9. I love seeing these Prodigy custom cooling builds, probably because I want one! :-)
  10. No, I haven't drained the loop since I put it together, but I haven't seen any signs of corrosion. I'd like to thing that I'd see some discoloration in the coolant, since it's bright yellow, if corrosion was setting in on some component in the loop, but I can't ofcourse be sure without taking the blocks appart.
  11. I bought deionised water at my local pharmacy, been using it with mayhems pastel concentrate for about 8 months now without any problems.
  12. I drilled them out on my case, be carefull though, I put a scratch in the side of the 5.25" bay. Sorry for the late response, I ususally just lurk around here not logged in. Thanks for the comments guys, system is running strong and I've had zero problems since the finished assembly, wish Noctua would make some nice square 180mm fans though to replace the Silverstone's with.
  13. Looks good, what temps are you getting and at what clock/voltages?
  14. Looks good, look forward to seeing it finished!
  15. Asus fanboy much? Both brands have quality products, as recent reviews have shown. Looks great, like the color combo!
  16. If it means more indepth videos about computer hardware, I'm all for it. If it means more phone/watch/gadget reviews, I'm all against it. I personally started watching your channel because it was about computer hardware, some you just unboxed and some you reviewed, and I always wished you'd do more hardware reviews. That being said, the past year you have been bringing more phone and gadget stuff into the channel, with the cost of less computer hardware videos, and that's something I feel is bad. So I hope you're doing this to make more time for detailed computer hardware vids and no
  17. Thanks for the comments everyone! I sleeved my case cables myself but my powersupply cables were sleeved by www.icemodz.com, if you're interested in learning how to sleeve i'd check out http://www.youtube.com/user/lutro0, he has some good guides. If you want to learn about watercooling there's always http://linustechtips.com/main/forum/36-water-cooling/ , then you could search on Linus tech tips youtube, http://www.youtube.com/user/LinusTechTips/search?query=watercooling+guide . I'd also check out http://www.youtube.com/user/TimeToLiveCustoms/search?query=watercooling+guide and
  18. Played around with the camera settings a bit, really need to get someone with a DLSR and skills to take photos of it for me though.
  19. No, I'd have to destroy the stock coolers to do that. Thanks for all the comments, quite happy with the end result, wish I could get my hands on a new windowed side panel though, this one is pretty beat up.
  20. Watercooling time... New stuffs Teardown time! GPU teardown... CPU Block installed Hardware install... Leaktest Some cable"management" Finished product Specs now are Silverstone Fortress FT02, MSI Z77 M-Power, i7 3770k, Corsair H100, 2x8Gb Corsair Dominators 1600Mhz, 2x GTX 680 in SLI, Crucial M500 960GB SSD, Corsair AX1200 PSU with individually sleeved cables. Watercooling specs: Alphacool Nexxxos 540mm Rad, 2x EK-FC680 GTX+ Acetal+Nickel GPU blocks, EK-Supremacy Acetal+Nickel CPU block, various EK 90° and 45° adaptors with EK