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Agent Maine

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  • Birthday August 21

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    Agent Maine
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    Houston, Texas
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    Maine, also known as the META is a unforgiving person.
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    Sales Manager


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    SLI GTX 1080Ti's
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    Custom (Arctic Aurora)
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    1x Samsung NVME 4X Samsung 500GB SSD 860 EVOS
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    CORSAIR 1200HX
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    2X ACER Z35P 1440p Ultrawides
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    Corsair K95
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    Fostex Headphones / Rode Mic
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    Windows 10

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  1. Alright I'll run a long prime95 run. I have it under water cooling with a 80mm quad rad and a 80mm triple. I don't think heat will be an issue I will jump into my bios and get my settings
  2. Hello, I have been working on fine tuning my overclocks on my 1950x Threadripper on a Asus Zenith Extreme. I want to know if this a good overclock and should I continue to push my boundaries? This is my first attempt of trying to fine tune a overclock. CPU - 4.3 CORE VOLTAGE - 1.4 MEMORY - 2800MHZ
  3. Only problem is they are barrier under hard line :(
  4. Hi Folks, I've been having some issues. If I run my computer with my SLI Enabled it works fine in some games but in other it runs for a minute or less and causes my computer to hard crash. I went to gpuz to monitor my system and it looks ok to me. If I take them out of SLI I never have a problem. Both of my cards are water cooled and never hit super high temps. What I've tried - Power settings in Nvidia Control Panel Windows Power Settings Full Driver Wipe Windows full reinstall Specs : 2 x 1080ti AMD THREADRIPPER 1950X 64
  5. Please help....... I have a computer that at random the screen just turns off "no signal" on the display port side. Or at times when the monitor is picked up it only shows to be 60hz not the 120hz it should be. I have tried to update the drivers put the gpu into high performance mode - uninstall and reinstall drivers - unplug and replug the monitor (sometimes works)- different cables. It will work over HDMI every time without fail but is not reliable on Display Port. Any suggestions?
  6. I have changed hard drives but dont have spares or board cpu or gpus unless I go super old cards. for me to change anything though is a pain - everything is in a desk all hard line.
  7. Alright so I believe my computer is cursed. Let me explain...... 1# While booting it flashes motherboard splash screen then goes back and couple of seconds later it comes back then boots 2# Randomly while booting it will go to my m.2 SSD with windows on it and will display a black screen with "_" blinking for minutes and sometimes never actually load windows until I hard restart it. 3# Video Cards perform better not overclocked then overclocked 4# Screens just randomly turn black for no reason 5# Some video games refuse to let me pla
  8. I'm pushing to get to at least 4.4 but we will see.
  9. I've started pushing 2800mhz on all 8 dimms with the correct timing. Everything seems stable I've been running cpu and memory stress test all day and seems stable with no hiccups. Surprisingly I've had to continue my overclock on my cpu to get everything to communicate properly. Now I'm running so far stable 4.2ghz at 1.356 volts and memory at 2800mhz. Thank you guys so much.
  10. Should I just slowly try to raise it until its unstable. Start with the correct timming then go from there?
  11. I running renders for 3d mapping and other stuff.
  12. I've struggled to get my ram any higher than 2133. I'm running the Asus Zenith Extreme non Alpha on the newest Bios. Of course running a 1950x with Corsair Vengence 128g rated for 3000mhz. What do I need to do to get this somewhat close. I've tried the DOCP and it runs but in any game the computer crashes. I'm running the overclock on my cpu at 4ghz with 1.3 volts and no problems and stable. When I add in the memory everything kinda explodes. Help My frames are suffering. DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) Timing 16-18-18-36
  13. I have onsite storage servers - I need raid 0 on this machine.......