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  1. Cheaper CPU and decent for gaming these days is Ryzen, Intel is good also but is more expensive...
  2. Well i think the minimum this time is 8GB DDR3/DDR4, is enough.
  3. Very nice, I like the wall lights.
  4. I use Avast is lightweight and is very good in detection ratio.
  5. Well i never used Windows Defender, the first think i do is Disable it, its useless , and if you have any issues run in Safe Mode, and scan it with Kaspersky TDSSKiller and then with Malwarebytes and HitmaPro, and AV/Firewall depends what you want. Best Regards, Anker_by
  6. If in these days some games are not work properly i mean (bad performance on cpu use to much threads some games not all), That H1Z1 early access can be have some issues.
  7. Yes, get more modules 8 GB of RAM will be enough.
  8. Now is good to get installed in mobo 8 GB Memory.
  9. On my opinion wait is better to many things is coming in 2017.
  10. Just because they are focus on Multithread and caches... yet...
  11. I recommend you wait for the next year.... until intel release the new generation.. and then you can buy mobo, memory and cpu....
  12. hmm i see the modules doesn't have any heatsink , try to reseat the modules on DIMM's slot (sometimes is that no image)...
  13. Search for this DDU - Display Driver Uninstaller, you need to go in safe mode with network or only safe mode this application is very usefull clean up your old drivers or a current one and then you can install the driver updated...