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    BunnyHunter got a reaction from 907rider in Looking for a new mouse   
    I would recommend an m65 mouse from corsair. I find it comfy for long sittings. (If you have a large hand your ring finger and pinky finger may be a bit cramped) It has two buttons on the left side and comes with a dpi changer on top of the mouse. The software included gets the job done. It also includes two buttons on the side and their special "Sniper Button" that I rarely find useful and usually bind it to another input. Overall the mouse is great in FPS games and is fine in rts games. The mouse is rather long and can be used in palm or claw grip (I find a hybrid of the two is the most comfortable and accurate). The 8200 dpi sensor is impressive but not all that useful. I found the mouse on Newegg for 56.99$
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    BunnyHunter got a reaction from wondersaurusrex in LG G3 Review and.... TWENTY-FIVE Phone Giveaway?!   
    I love the skin used on the android os and the extra settings I don't sound really handy!