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  1. Guys, I found a 3090 in stock with shipping. lmfao. Probably one of the only 3090s in stock in the UK.


    What a joke.


    1. givingtnt


      big sad.
      I legit wonder if it would be as expensive to buy one here and have it shipped over, 3090s are surprisingly common in my area.

  2. MLID expecting cheap $329 6700 XT that matches or is slightly weaker than 3060Ti and a cheaper 6700 that performs like a 5700XT with 10 or 12GB VRAM for sub $300.


    AMD thinks 3060Ti will be sold at MSRP in Q1 2021.



    I don't like this rumoured strategy. I honestly think AMD would just withhold the 6700 XT card name for a card unable to match or beat a 3060Ti similar to how they withheld the 2800X and only launched a 2700X in Zen+ or alternatively they could make a 6700 XT based on Navi 21 instead of Navi 22.


    Everything in Orange text below is mine.


    If AMD wants to beat the 3060Ti then I see a way that AMD could do that. AMD could make something like a 52 CU Navi 21 GPU with the same 256 bit memory bus, same 16GB of memory, and a TDP around 220W and call it "6700 XT". This way they can get 3060Ti performance and charge $399 for it.


    Then AMD could slot in a "6700" with a fully enabled Navi 21 die with 40 CUs, 192 bit memory bus, 12GB VRAM, and 64MB Infinity Cache for $329.


    And then of course they could launch the 6600 XT with 36 CUs, 160 bit memory bus with 10GB VRAM, 64MB Infinity Cache with 5700XT performance for $279


    And lastly they could launch the final Navi 22 die with 32 CUs, 192 bit memory bus with 6GB VRAM, 64MB Infinity Cache with 5700 performance for $229


    Of course this is what they could do but I doubt they'll do it because selling a Navi 21 die for $399 is not ideal for them.

  3. Thanks I fixed it. 69 milliwatts on 3GHz and 200 milliwatts at 4.25GHz. Funnily enough the power for 5GHz wasn't given.
  4. Only in Battlefield can you "Spawn" on B and end up 200 metres closer to  A than B 🤣.

  5. I'm not gonna say M1 is obsolete but it's lifespan shrank a tiny bit :D.


    The problem is single core performance is about 1/3 of M1 single core performance.


  6. A new RISC-V CPU has been found to destroy Apple's new M1 chip in Performance Per Watt tests. This is mainly attributable to the insanely low wattage of this new RISC-V CPU. At 3GHz it uses 69 milliwatts or 0.069 watts and at 4.25GHz this CPU uses 200 milliwatts or 0.2 watts. As you might imagine running at higher frequency destroys the efficiency gains and the optimal frequency for this CPU is stated to be 3GHz. Images are from ArsTechnica's article: This is pretty awesome and I hope we
  7. Okay so actually I’m just gonna do screenshots cos trying to get the video to work was painful.



















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    2. AluminiumTech


      @WY6 Apparently 5565 minutes for me in 2020.

    3. AluminiumTech


      Also in case anybody wants it, here's a link to the automatically generated top 100 songs 2020 playlist for me.



    4. WY6


      @FloRolfi listen to alot of music, most of the day at school i have it on someway or another, at home i pretty much always have some music playing, and i will sometimes listen to some music/podcasts on spotify to fall asleep

  8. Looks like the bug on the forum might have sorted itself out.


    Anyhow, I'm gonna copy @soldier_ph as is the new trend and tell you about my Spotify top songs 2020 once I edit the screen recording of the Spotify Story.

    1. soldier_ph


      Does that copying also include buying all the things I've recently got ? 😛

  9. Also BioWare is dying 3.0



  10. 5700X isn't a budget SKU. And if they wanted to withhold budget SKUs then why did they release the 5600X? which I would still argue isn't a budget SKU, it's about $100 too expensive and even at $200 I'd call it Value as opposed to Budget.
  11. I wanted to post a status update with a bunch of images but that'll have to wait since I seem to have accidentally broken the forum for me.


    I've DMed Mortis to figure out how to unbreak it.

  12. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If you don't have people dealing with Ethics in AI then you will inevitably end up with AI taking over humanity and killing people. AI if given the opportunity eventually will lead to it. That's why we need to limit AI so it doesn't do bad things. But you said this was limiting progress. Google, according to the Source, seemed to have treated it as her resignation despite the fact that she's been fired. I would say this is news. Also this:
  13. Can't tell if trolling or serious. Either way, that paves the road for technology and AI to be used for evil purposes such as AI taking over and killing humanity. Data privacy and advocates for ethics exists for many reasons, and if companies are truly hindered by it then they need to re-think their business model and structure. Not the other way around imo.
  14. No? It's a desktop to desktop comparison. The Rocket Lake CPU is in a pre-built desktop though.
  15. We'll see how good or bad Intel's Rocket Lake is gonna be but for now AMD is taking full advantage and milking customers for every penny with Zen 3.
  16. It's a little bit sad that we've got to this point but it explains the 5800X's quite terrible price especially in relation to 5900X for only $100 more with 50% more cores. Yes but Intel can't go beyond 8 cores in Rocket Lake so there's that. A 5GHz 8 core is still an 8 core. I'd personally be interested to see if they skip i9 for Rocket Lake and make i5 8C/8T and i7 8C/16T. i3 could then be 6C/6T and Pentium could then be 4C/4T.
  17. So I decided to open up Vega boi cos I was noticing some performance problems in BF5 and I have to say:


    poor Vega lmao.



    Not quite GPU torture but not that far off either.


    The Noctua thermal paste remover I ordered just now can't arrive soon enough.




    Also apparently not many people are buying them cos I don't have Prime Delivery as an option which means that it's at a Fulfilment Centre quite far away from me. And Amazon only does that on what it would perceive as not super popular items.


    This is how Amazon Prime 1 day delivery works fyi, they take the most popular products and spread them out at each Fulfulment centre so that any customer in any region can buy a popular product and have it arrive the next day because it comes from the fulfilment centre closest to the customer.

    1. AluminiumTech


      And of course now the idea of putting the Vega back together so I can use it before it gets cleaned up and part of me would feel bad for doing that but oh well.


      It's also a real pain in the ass to re-do all the screws and close it back up and re-open it back up but I'd like to play games before Monday.

    2. AluminiumTech


      Oh.... Wait is this being sent by Prime Air from Austria to the UK? xD.


      Of Course Amazon would do that. :P

  18. I don't see many people criticising the 3060Ti's low amount of VRAM. This card really needed 12GB or 16GB.


    Then again people are still justifying 8GB 3070 and 10GB 3080 despite both of them getting replaced with higher VRAM variants.


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    2. AluminiumTech


      @pierom_qwerty for a $400 card that is meant to last 2-5 years, 8GB is not enough. A $230 graphics card 3 years ago got you 8GB.


      For a $800 or even $500 card it's just straight up an insult. There is zero excuse for why the 3080 is an 8GB card. Nvidia knows this, they planned to force people to buy 3090s because 3080s didn't have enough VRAM.


      8GB is already stretching it for 1440p and is soon going to become what's needed for 1080p with textures and details turned up. In many cases it already is.


      If I play any kind of demanding game I can easily fill 6 to 8GB of VRAM on my Vega 56. The only saving grace my Vega 56 and other AMD dGPUs have is being able to allocate DRAM to be used as a cache so that less used texture files are stored in DRAM instead of using up VRAM.


      Nvidia is widely known to be stingey on giving out VRAM, they always give the minimum amount they can get away with for a card. AMD knows cards need more VRAM and so they generally give out more although that's not always true.


      If you want a "futureproof" card that'll last you until 2022 or 2023 in AAA games then you need 12-16GB of VRAM for 1440p, or more for 4K. 8GB will be enough at 1080p for a bit although I have to question how long that'll remain as well.

    3. pierom_qwerty


      I have a 2060 super with 8gb of ram, a 580 8gb before that, and a 570 4gb before that. 

      Even with textures cranked at 1080 and 1440p I haven't seen any issues with VRAM. 

      Its almost as if there is a system in place to allow all textures to be used without filling up VRAM, oh wait there is, and its called Texture Streaming.

    4. AluminiumTech


      @pierom_qwerty Texture streaming is performed but you still need VRAM to exist for textures to be moved in and out of it. The less VRAM you have the less textures you can hold before it needs to be moved out of VRAM.


      This is a very wasteful and expensive operation to perform. It uses a huge chunk of CPU to use this and is only really ueful in open world games.


      I don't see compensating for a lack of VRAM as a good argument for why we need to keep the same amount of VRAM. At the end of the day it's all just endless amounts of bandaids trying to fix an artery bleeding out.


      GeForce Pascal got away with minimal VRAM by compressing colours in a lossy format that degraded performance when playing on HDR.


      GeForce Turing got away with little to no VRAM upgrades because performance wasn't increased significantly and Turing added extra magic tricks.


      GeForce Ampere's solution to VRAM problems is to not run at max settings because they can't run well at say 4K Ultra or 8K High/Ultra. If you run at max settings you will come very close to running into VRAM issues or may even get VRAM issues.


      AMD has mitigations for this in RDNA2 with high VRAM quantities, probably improved colour compression although I don't know this for sure, and InfinityCache as well as larger general L2 cache.

  19. Louis defending Apple for once. :(



  20. Moving onto a more positive note, It looks like the Bourne series came to Netflix UK after having previously left.


    Rn planning on Binge watching Bourne series from the beginning. I've watched them all before but that was a long time ago.



  21. I guess that's your opinion then. MLID continues to be accurate on a large number of issues he tackles because of his inside sources revealing information.