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    Linus is the person who made me like computers. I swear I`ve seen almost every one of his videos at least twice. Nothing special as a PC. It`s my first pc that I built myself. Only spent about 500 dollars in total. But its just a base. I can always upgrade.


  • CPU
    AMD A8- 5600K APU @4.0ghz
  • Motherboard
    ASrock FM2A75
  • RAM
    8Gb Kingston HyperX Blu
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 650
  • Case
    Rosewill Blackhawk
  • Storage
    1Tb Seagate Barracuda w/ Windows 7
  • PSU
    600watt Corsair Builder series
  • Display(s)
    19" HP w1907
  • Keyboard
    Razer Lycosa
  • Mouse
    Logitech m510
  1. The processor I'm looking to get is the i5-4690k and I'm looking for a decent motherboard that won't break the bank. I was looking at the MSI Gaming 6 and 7 because they have USB 3.1 and basically everything else I could want. Does anyone have any good suggestions?
  2. i feel like I know that answer to this already but everyone here is way more knowledgable than me so I figured I ask here before diving in. Originally when I bought my PC I went for cheapest possible and ended up buying an AMD A8-5600k. I bought a GTX 650 after that for like 20 bucks so I felt stupid about buying an APU. I looked to upgrade my card because my 650 was barely doing that well in GTA 5 so I bought a Windforce GTX 770 2gb. I installed it and to my surprise it wasn't running super well. I play at about medium setting all the way with most of them on normal at 1400x900 and I'm gettin
  3. Ha... knew it was something dumb. Sorry I was just concerned thanks for the help though guys
  4. So my computer has been fine lately and hasn`t been acting up but since yesterday I`ve been checking AMD Overdrive because its been running a little slow and Overdrive is telling me that my memory is only running at around 795 MHZ with a goal frequency of 800 MHZ. I've never really known about ram and all the stuff in the BIOS but I did go into the BIOS and try manually setting the frequency to 1600 MHZ and the same problem happened. I pulled out the RAM and switched slots and nothing has worked. Not sure exactly whats happening. I have 2x4gb Kingston HyperX Blu memory. Can anyone help me?
  5. I think the brushed aluminum finish on the lid and the red back lit keyboard two of the nice things about this laptop. But those are just easily visible things. What I find really cool about this laptop is the beefed up speakers on it, the awesome viewing angles of the display( because I've never had a laptop that hasn't had awful color shift) and lastly just the overall look of it with the beautiful red accents and the size of it. Not that its the thinnest laptop ever But it doesn't look out of the ordinary from other laptops and still has the power under the hood to do some gaming. That is w
  6. hmm then there isn't really anything you can do with it then. you'll have to deal with that until you can afford something better. You cant just make performance appear. If you think you can then you might as well just download some of this. http://www.downloadmoreram.com/
  7. My friend that lives down the street from me pays for 75mbps down and gets a constant 3mbps down.Pretty sure Jenison is just the worst town for internet period because all of my friends get slow data speeds. The only place I've ever been that I've gotten over 3mbps is either my school or somewhere that's out of town.
  8. It seems that I always have the worst internet. Although my internet is reliable as all be it's pretty slow. A while back (3 years ago) My dad got roped into one of those deals for Phone TV and Internet and sense we really liked the U-Verse TV service we switched from Comcast to it. The deal was like unlimited talk some channel bundle that has like 150 channels or so and 3Mbps of data. Back then i never really downloaded anything and to me it didnt matter because basic browsing was perfectly fine and fast. And YouTube hadn't really gotten big into HD videos yet so I was fine. about a year ago
  9. Just as long as you are careful with the static situation you should be fine. I wouldn't be as worried about doing backups as i would be about not messing up the parts. You should be fine just touch the metal of your case before messing with your stuff and be gentle you shouldn't have a problem. Superb case choice I might add.
  10. do you run off from the battery?
  11. It said its status was "good" its running at 34 degrees Celsuis or 92 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm going to assume its doing fine based on your word. Iss there anything i should do to optimize it? and what are signs that ts getting worst or that i DO have a problem?
  12. yeah just lower the resolution some more. The only other thing that would help is to shut down everything else running and keep your laptop on a flat surface (I.e.a counter or table) something that makes sure that the intakes can actually take in some fresh air and make sure its running at as low of temps as you can get it at.
  13. So when I built my computer (last October) I was planning on using my old 640gb WD Blue from my old HP mini Pc but being the numb nuts that i am i tried plugging that into my computer with all the old drivers installed and it was a mess and at the time I was so dumb I told my father that to fix it I would need a new hard drive and a fresh copy of Windows 7. We went and purchased a brand new from Staples Seagate Barracuda 1Tb 7200rpm drive and its worked well. Nothings wrong with the speed (at least i think) But i guess I haven't noticed until lately that there is a small little ticking sound.
  14. To be honest I know there's a whole bunch of sweet things about this laptop. The core i7, the 8gb of RAM, the great speakers but my favorite part is one of the smallest things. My favorite part is the Red LED backlit keyboard. I know it sounds crazy and all but I've never really had a keyboard with much keystroke distance. It's been a bare to type on any laptop I've ever owned and I think with a keyboard like that it would be semi enjoyable (compared to typing on your usual PC keyboard) to type on.