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  • CPU
    INTEL Core i7-4770
  • Motherboard
    ASUS Z87-C
  • RAM
    KINGSTON HyperX 16GB
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 660
  • Case
    Fractal Design Define R4 Black
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 RGB (MX blue) (soon)
  • Mouse
    Corsair M65 RGB (soon)
  • Sound
    Logitech Z906 5.1 System
  • Operating System
    Windows 8.1
  1. I think they called back the rgb products to change the logo because of this huge shitstorm. Hope this doesn't take too long!
  2. I don't think 1440p is very useful, but I like the customization options of this android version!