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    Husky got a reaction from thekingofmonks in CS:GO Stuttering Problems   
    CS:GO is highly CPU bound. That CPU might be slightly bottlenecking in the game and causing the stutters. What settings are you playing on? I found that using higher settings in a CPU-bound situation can reduce stuttering as it loads the GPU more and allows the CPU to "breathe" a bit.
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    Husky reacted to For Science! in Temperature increased after Delidding?   
    It will only amalgamate into the IHS if you lap the underside, nickel is a decent barrier for liquid metal. 
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    Husky reacted to For Science! in Temperature increased after Delidding?   
    Knowing the thermal paste would be good, but generally this should not happen. Perhaps the mounting pressure is too low. Photos of your application process may be helpful too, With direct die you should cover the entire surface of the die and not just a dot/line.
    You should not need to lap to reap the benefits of a stable delid.
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    Husky got a reaction from aveyeh in White VGA Light On, But Everything Appears to Run Fine   
    If it is running fine then you have nothing to worry about. The light staying is probably just due to a bug in the UEFI or something. You could test if it stays off if you disable Windows Fast Startup (under Control Panel > Power Options > Change what the power buttons do).
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    Husky reacted to oali24 in I have a theory about hard drives vs solid state drive (upgrading ssd to hdd)   
    So I'm upgrading from an ssd to a higher capacity hard drive, I know that seems nonsenical considering how slow hard drives are but I think that a hard drive will feel faster depending on the OS's UI complexity, I use xubuntu and i noticed that it loads faster from dvd than normal ubuntu, so if this applies with hard drives then it might not be very slow, I'll report back my findings.

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    Husky got a reaction from Lurick in Is Windows Command Processor A virus or is it an actual Microsoft application   
    That is most likely not a virus. It is built in to Windows and is the Command Prompt program (search for Command Prompt in your Start Menu and you will find it).
    It can be seen running in the background if another program uses it for some reason, so most often it is legit and nothing to be concerned about. However, in some cases, it can be used by a virus to do something bad, so if you are unsure, then you can run a virus scan to be safe. The built-in Windows Defender is good enough for this. However, I don't think it is being used for anything malicious, it's probably just another program that is using it to run commands or something.
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    Husky got a reaction from HelpfulTechWizard in my pc is just awful   
    Prime95 is a Prime number calculator used for research to find new Prime numbers.

    It is also frequently used as a stress-testing tool as it puts an immensely strong load on the CPU and at least for me, it gets my CPU the hottest out of all the stress tests so I prefer it.
    Please run Prime95 as @HelpfulTechWizard said, he also noted that the temps you were getting under Cinebench were unusually low which I agree with. You can run it for about 20 minutes or so and then take a screenshot of the temperature WHILE Prime95 is still running (don't stop the test to take the screenshot, you can stop it after you send the screenshot).
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    Husky reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in my pc is just awful   
    Those are really low temps.
    what temps do you get with prime95 running?
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    Husky got a reaction from AbydosOne in Excel execute cell based on content of another cell   
    Would this be a simple =A1/A2 operation?
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    Husky got a reaction from Thermite in Can't transfer domain to Get.tech, no transfer domain button   
    Their documentation may be out of date. Try contact their support and ask them for advice on how to proceed. I've had to do that with no-ip before when I wanted to get a wildcard certificate from Let's Encrypt, and they helped me within the same day. Hopefully, get.tech will be able to assist you as well.
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    Husky reacted to SupaKomputa in Recently aquired a Ryzen 9 5900x and im having problems Send help!   
    Run the 1660 as main and 3080 as secondary.
    In windows check if the 3080 is detected.
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    Husky reacted to parker13 in Trying to update BIOS   
    OKAYY I WILLL, omg how did I- I can't stop laughing lmfaooo. Thank you soo much, I'm gonna order a new one rn.
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    Husky got a reaction from parker13 in Trying to update BIOS   
    Oooohhhhh HAHA yeah that makes a LOT more sense now.
    Don't worry, we all have our moments. It's okay.
    Just go to ASUS's support site for that board (the VII Hero X470 just making sure lol) and download the latest BIOS for that board and put it on a FAT32 formatted USB drive. Put the old 2000 series CPU in and update the BIOS, then swap the new 3000 series CPU in and everything should work perfectly.
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    Husky reacted to FakeKGB in is my laptop bad   
    Can you upgrade the RAM or no?
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    Husky got a reaction from TheHaezaert in Windows "softlocks"   
    OK that's great, hopefully it's just a drive because they aren't too expensive compared to some other components in a PC.
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    Husky got a reaction from TheHaezaert in Windows "softlocks"   
    Yes, Windows does this weird thing where the entire system locks up if it can't access a disk for some reason, even if it isn't the disk that Windows is installed to. For example, if I plug in a damaged USB flash drive into my system, Windows locks up, and nothing works when I click on things, as soon as I unplug the faulty USB drive, Windows suddenly opens everything I've clicked on and everything is back to normal.
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    Husky got a reaction from TheHaezaert in Windows "softlocks"   
    As @SignatureSigner above said, it might be a bad drive. I had a friend who had a damaged SSD witness the same behavior. I would start by trying to use Windows from a different drive.
    One other thing it could be is bad RAM, I would run memtest86 for at least an hour and check if there are any memory errors.
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    Husky reacted to Jooste in Swapped secondary HDD with another HDD - now system goes to "sleep" after booting from primary m.2 drive   
    Thanks Husky! I'm back in windows! Appreciate the help. Have a good one.
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    Husky got a reaction from parker13 in Trying to update BIOS   
    Do you have a way to test that new CPU in a different board such as a friend's board or by taking it to a computer store? It may be an issue with your new CPU, it is highly unlikely that CPUs are dead but it is still a possibility.
    I would also reset my UEFI firmware settings (clear CMOS). You can do this with the old CPU in, just enter the UEFI firmware settings menu (Del on boot) and click the Exit tab, then click Load Optimized Defaults. Then click Save and Exit - the motherboard may power-cycle a few times before booting again. Then switch it off with the PSU switch at the back install the new CPU and see if it boots.
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    Husky got a reaction from NineEyeRon in Windows reset   
    Newer versions of Windows 10 have a built-in Reset functionality that you could try, but I actually don't recommend it. I recommend that you get a USB drive and use the Microsoft Media Creation Tool to download a fresh copy of the latest version of Windows 10 and make a bootable USB drive from it.
    You would then boot from the USB drive, choose Custom install and delete every partition from your main Windows drive in your system and install it to the Unallocated space. Please note: YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR DATA BY DOING THIS (if you haven't backed up your files beforehand).
    Your BIOS settings will not reset. Depending on internet connection, downloading Windows 10 can take a while. The ISO file is around 4 GB. Installing Windows is usually pretty fast on modern hardware. You can use Windows Update to automatically install all your drivers, but if you want the latest drivers (especially graphics drivers) for the best performance, then you will need to download those manually. If your PC is slow and Windows is full of bloat and random stuff you don't need and you want to start fresh, then yes I would recommend it. However please remember that you will lose everything on your Windows drive unless you back it up first.
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    Husky reacted to NineEyeRon in Windows reset   
    Windows 10 has this built in, you can do it without deleting your personal data but I recommend backing it up first in case of an issue.
    Only wipe windows and reinstall if you have errors, a slow system can be corrected by the windows 10 built in tools.
    If after using the tools it is still slow a reinstall may be a good option.
  23. Informative
    Husky got a reaction from Jooste in Swapped secondary HDD with another HDD - now system goes to "sleep" after booting from primary m.2 drive   
    It might be Windows 10's "Fast Startup" feature causing issues as a shutdown in Windows 10 doesn't really perform a full shutdown, it's more like a hibernate in that it save a copy of the running kernel and drivers to a large hiberfil.sys on the drive and just reads that back into RAM the next time the system boots so that it starts slightly faster.
    You can try switching the machine off (hard power off, like pulling the plug) as soon as you see Windows booting with the spinning dots underneath. Then try turn the machine on again. If it still doesn't work, then repeat the hard power-off process a few times in a row until you see "Preparing Automatic Repair" as Windows boots. That might have a chance of fixing something, it might also present a menu to boot in Safe Mode which could help you.
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    Husky reacted to Master Disaster in cleaning my pc turned into a nightmare!   
    Always blow, never suck.
    While its pretty unlikely it is possible for a plastic hoover pipe to build a big enough static charge to cause damage to your PC.
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    Husky got a reaction from p51mustang23 in cleaning my pc turned into a nightmare!   
    As @p51mustang23 above said, how did you clean your PC?
    I would run a stress test for about 15 to 20 minutes just to make sure that everything is working correctly under stress. If the machine does not have issues running that, then I would think it's safe to say that everything is alright, and that it must've just been a loose cable or something.