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  1. Hello, I'm planning on ditching my ancient i5 4670k for 2600X in near future. the i5 just can't keep up with AAA games and 2600X seems to offer good performance for good price and somewhat future proof due to AM4 socket. Another big deal with 2600X for me is how it does the overclocking for you via XFR. I'm a very lazy person so that is absolutely perfect for me. Plug and play. I totally understand how people enjoy tweaking the clock speeds, ect manually, trying to get that few more % of performance out of their gear, but that's just not me. The build I have planned:
  2. Hey all, So the thing is, my 8Gb of DDR 3 is getting bit cramped right now. It will be another 5 - 6 months before I can make full upgrade for new Mobo, DDR4 16Gb and CPU. So I started thinking that I should just get some extra RAM right now, since I can afford it and I would be very happy with the gains. For reference, even during non gaming use, my RAM is usually around 60% - 70% and whenever I start a game, some black magic probably happens so it can actually fit the game in there (I run quite a few programs on background + couple of layers of Anti Virus.) Anyway the real question
  3. Hey again, Something that came up during my research: The COP+ needs "burning" for its soundstage to open up a bit. Did you have any experience with this? I have gotten really mixed reports about this, claiming its absolutely true to claims about it being placebo.
  4. My PC sits something like one meter from my head, I have bit of an aggressive fan curve on my GTX 1070, and It really didn't ever bother me. When its very quiet during a game, I might hear it, but it works well enough that it's not something that ever really would bother me. Short answer: yes.
  5. In my experience, the 7.1 that came with Cloud II wasn't really good, and it was plagued with white noise problems, even after getting replacement dongle. However, since the cable off the headphones is single 4 pole, you will need a splitter if you wan't to use the mic without the 7.1 dongle.
  6. For about last two years I have been using Hyper X Cloud II, and only have good things to say about them. Well, except from them breaking down last week, right side earphone audio dies when I move the cable, so while i'm dealing with the RMA, I have duct taped the cable to stay in place. (It's not externally broken in anyway, some connection inside is loose). So, I'm also in market for new headset/headphones, and another pair of Hyper X Cloud II, is and was a serious option. I can't talk how the sound signature compares to G35, but Hyper X Cloud II has been described as the gaming
  7. Something interesting I found: Beyerdynamic has announced the "Custom Game" late last year, and showcased them at CES. These seem to be the next generation of Custom One Pro Plus. "Shipping February, at 199€." I will wait and see how these turn out. Not much detail is being shared yet, but they look very promising. I'm still open for any and all suggestions .
  8. I didn't find much about these. Seem to be 770's in COP casing? Tried to look around, but they are not that easily available.
  9. Very interesting, thanks! I listen to Sabaton from time to time, and sometimes I wished that Cloud II's had more aggressive bass, so I just turn up the volume which will cause me to go more deaf than I already am. The bass switch tm Will fix this. Custom One Pros are my #1 option for now.
  10. Hey! 1. So the obvious question: Hows the sound compared to Cloud II's? I'm not an audiophile, so when people start saying how mids are slightly toned down but "V" shape'd compared to something, i'm at a loss. So if there is its possible to explain the difference simply, that would be appreciated. 2. Is the bass switch a real deal, or a simple gimmick that you end up using once and makes you say "hm, that was neat I guess, I'll just set it at medium and never touch it again".
  11. Hey all, So after nearly 2 years of use, my Hyper X Cloud II's decided to retire. I'm currently in the RMA process and I have 2 weeks to decided what I want for my next headphones. Firstly some general info: Like most people here asking for advice, my main use will be gaming and music. I'm no audiophile, but I do appreciate good quality sound. My main source for music is Spotify, streaming at 320kbs. I live with people who do not necessarily appreciate my music taste (Playing: Toto - Africa and Snake Eater on loop is apparently bad ) and my desktop is not
  12. Hey all, Like a lot of people, i'm planning Mobo, CPU and RAM upgrade, thought not instantly, probably few months down the line. I would be interested to hear what the current landscape looks like when it comes to these parts, and how/if things have changed since around 2013 when I got this build. Edits: If its not fully clear from text above: I'm planning to get all of these new parts at once, some months in future. So first of all, my current specs: Asus Z87-K EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 Intel i5-4670K @ 4.00GHz HyperX Savage DDR3 1600
  13. Hey all, I made a tread yesterday asking advice about if One Plus 2 was a good choice. This thread made my reevaluate my options and I have new list of contenders now. I would appreciate any and all opinions, be it positive or negative. What the phone will be used for: Mostly Reddit and Spotify. A lot of spotify. be it via my crappy earbuds (I'l look into getting better ones) or in the car via AUX. Games, probably not but maybe a little. I've had Sony Xperia SP for two+ years now, and I haven't played a single game with it. I have PC for this purpose