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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from DocSwag in Experiences with non-techies   
    not in my case...
    (from parents' POV)
    Game = Game
    Forum = Game
    Video = Game
    Photo/Video editing = Game
    Studying = Game
    Programming = Game
    Work = Game
    Hanging out with friends online = Game
    Music = Game
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from DocSwag in Experiences with non-techies   
    This gives me an idea...
    Ship all your PC parts with labels saying : "CAUTION: NITROGLYCERIN" maybe that will make the handlers think twice before playing basketball with your package...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to ICantThinkOfAnyGoodName in Please re-add the ability to use the raw BBCode editor   
    One of my biggest gripes with the new update is the new editor. I always used the raw BBCode editor on the old forum and I find it much more convenient to use than a WYSWYG editor.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to colonel_mortis in Returning the [view last read] button   
    If you click the black dot on the forum view, you jump straight to the first unread post.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to BURNINGJUNK in Experiences with non-techies   
    I just started taking Intro To Information Technology this semester (Freshman year highschool) and the teacher is an idiot. He says that the CPU is the tower part of the computer. He says that Steve Jobs invented the GUI. And when you try to correct him you are wrong. There was this one time he told us there are 1000MB in a GB. I said well its not exactly 1000 right. And he replied well its more like 900. SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!! That is all. End Rant.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to BURNINGJUNK in Experiences with non-techies   
    Another quick one from my Intro to Info Tech Class.
    On the first day this girl sits down next to me. I knew who she was, but I never really talked to her.
    I open up my school issued Chromebook (ugggghhh) I use CTRL+T to open a new tab. I type in "mail" then hit enter (Omnibox completes mail.google.com). I check my email quickly for new messages then use CTRL+W to close the window. All said and done it took me maybe 15 seconds.
    The girl turns to me and says "Let me guess, you know how to hack stuff"
    I laughed so hard and said.. yeah sure
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Belgarionbg in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Hotaru is hot
    But yeah, still I like Saya more

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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Indus Monk in DragonWar Chaos G7 Review! Only $17!   
    My only problem with this mouse is the tacky design... same with some of DragonWar's newer peripherals...
    now don't get me wrong here, I own one of their keyboards and one of their mice, both of which I am currently enjoying...
    price-performance wise they're very good products, but it's the design that may lead people away from them...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Ruostunut kokis in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    We had to get those calculators as well for our non-math classes in high school. Used it for that first year I was in non-math, until I got kicked to brief math for being rather horrible at math.
    Ironically, my mathematical skills have started to deteriorate more quickly ever since I went to brief math. And after that first year, I never had to touch that calculator again, and had it basically forgotten in my backpack for 1,5 years until I finally dug it back up yesterday...
    150€ well spent...

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    DigitalHermit reacted to helping in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    I assume they always do covers and the first few pages in color so that you know how people were intended to look
    and nigga I fuckin HOPE the manga is better
    oblivious girl gets repeatedly clam-jammed: the anime
    Main character uses mean look, it's super effective.
    @BashZeStampeedo said it right, I don't want to read the manga because of the anime now after wasting 24 episodes of watching a character basically form a posse.
    in more positive news, Biscuit Hammer is going good so far. Lizard and regular dude is an interesting duo.

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    DigitalHermit reacted to atrash in Status Audio SM-OB1 open back headphones review   
    All pictures taken with Lumia 950XL in a badly lit room. This is my first review btw so please forgive me for any mistakes. Also english is not my first language.
    So I browsed through the LTT audio subforum earlier this month and I saw @Kloaked thread asking about Status Audio headphones, specifically the SM-OB1. He ended up getting the Superlux HD681-Evo instead but my interest piqued with Status Audio offerings, especially with their price and the warranty they offered, so I ordered the SM-OB1 myself. I’ve never owned any open back headphones before and my daily driver is a pair of Shure SE215 LTD so it’ll be interesting to compare between these two.
    Owh, the price is £52.50 at time of purchase which is about $73 including shipping. (20% discount by using code on the website) (It shipped from UK btw)
    The packaging is really simple and it only comes with extra 1/4 inch adaptor.
    Build quality
    My first impression when I unboxed it was how noticeable the headphones weight was. Seriously it feels really solid and sturdy, reminds me of Shure SRH840 kind of sturdy. Weigh almost the same too.
    Headband is made out of metal with some kind of soft thin pvc layer covering the top part, and soft memory foam for padding. The ear cups are cloth (removable),deep (barely touching my somewhat small but protruding ears) and nicely padded, comfortable enough to be used while wearing glasses. The headband adjustment has a really satisfying click. 
    Me wearing the headphones.
    The driver body has steel grill with plastic linings. I can't even tell which parts of it are metal or plastic just because it feels weighty and cold to touch. Can't say enough how sturdy the headphone is. Cable is thick, pretty long (around 3m I think) and non removable. The jack has metal body with a spring cable strain relief.
    Sound quality
    I only have the Shure SE215 LTD I own and some faint memory of testing Shure SRH840 and SRH1540 (my dream headphone) at Selfridges and various stores I can compare with/based on. 
    First thing first, this thing leak sound like a proper open back headphones. I could place it flat on the table or hold the open rear side near to my ear and still be able to listen any songs played through it clearly. 
    I'm not that well versed to describe the sound in audio terms but I can say that it sounds almost like my SE215 LTD and SRH1540 but with wider soundstage (obviously), bass are not as pronounced as SE215 but very well controlled (it'll still get boom boom enough if I crank up the volume), highs are a touch clearer/crisper than SE215 (which I find the SE215 somewhat lacking for my taste), and the mids are probably the same or just slightly recessed. But in my mind, the sound signature genuinely reminds me of SRH1540 but airier (correct me if I'm wrong). 
    I listen to variety of songs but mostly rock genre. Here are some of the bands/singers I tested with the SM-OB1. Songs are either from my own high quality cd rip/digital download collection or Spotify Premium. Tested using ITunes and Spotify on RMBP. All eq are set to flat/off.
    Circa Survive (local) - If any of you ever listened to this band, they have a really complex instruments playing and with this headphone, I'm listening to instruments I've never really noticed before. 
    Lifehouse (local) - Jason's Wade fantastic guitar sounded much crisper and his voice is also clearer. My favourite band btw.
    Sia (local) - It fells like she's singing straight into my soul. LOL. But seriously, listening to her older album 'We Are Born -2010' was a real joy as her unique raspy, high cute voice sounded much more mellow and natural and the bass in some of her more upbeat songs are really uplifting. Better than my SE215 for sure.
    The Corrs (spotify) - Had to use spotify because I couldn't play the flac files I own on ITunes, but I do know their unplugged album is really good and this time, it feels like I'm at the concert. Andrea's voice and Sharon's violin really came alive and I can clearly pickup the backing orchestra play too.
    Other bands tested: Third Eye Blind, Thornley, Switchfoot, Submersed, David Cook and many more. (non of the mainstream pop stuffs sorry)
    One thing I gotta say, even though it is an open back headphone, I'm surprised that it is not shy on bass when it needs to be but not too overwhelming either.
    In my opinion after 8 hours straight using it, I can safely say I prefer it more than my Shure SE215 LTD, BUT only for home listening in my totally quiet room. 
    £52.50 absolutely well spent even though it was an impulse buy. I think my desire to get the SRH1540 might finally start to wane off after getting this headphone (until I have the money to buy one because it's so expensive here LOL). Time will tell if the headphone build will last but I'm a really careful person anyway. I think this headphone is really good for the kind of music genres I listen to. I totally recommend anyone on budget and wanted to try open back headphones to try this pair.
    Feel free to ask me anything in the thread except technical audio stuffs. LOL
    Link to the website: http://thestatusaudio.com
    I would like to thank @Kloaked for bringing up the headphone brand in the forum (never heard of the brand ever prior to that) and I actually followed your review formatting so I hope you don't mind.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Opask in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Aww yisss.
    I might get the physical copy because then I don't have to:
    Edit: Also physical is better anyways.
    And it looks like I can run it on integrated graphics so I can just play it in a VM. Much hype.
    Absolutely I will pm you the link.
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Opask in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    I was going to binge watch Idolmaster Cinderella Girls last night... but Sniper Elite III finished downloading... I'm having a hard time relearning the controls for it...

    You still got the key for Cities XL Platinum?
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from MyInnerFred in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    I was going to binge watch Idolmaster Cinderella Girls last night... but Sniper Elite III finished downloading... I'm having a hard time relearning the controls for it...

    You still got the key for Cities XL Platinum?
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Techicolors in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    looks like i'm gonna have to upgrade

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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from FuzzyYellow in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    Spotted a Ferrari California stuck in traffic last night...
    The poor car...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to AlwaysFSX in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    *stares* "Welp, guess I'm driving a black vehicle now."
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    DigitalHermit reacted to MyInnerFred in Thank You Letter To China   
    Um.... Fuck you China for hinging on fake growth leading to your current economic dip, which is scaring US investors. Dam you Saudi Arabia for increasing oil production levels that has us below $30 for a barrel(well technically it's back up now but I won't be surprised if it drops).
    Yes I know this post was a self centered personal agenda. 
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    DigitalHermit reacted to MyInnerFred in What is love?   
    I rarely comment on your topics after reading them.
    I can't help but get the impression you want to have relationship for the sake of having a relationship. 
    I can't tell you what love feels like, this is like many things "subjective". You will make your definition of love when you think your in love. 
    EDIT: oh man... you've got a long way go.... 
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from vinyldash303 in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    Spotted a Ferrari California stuck in traffic last night...
    The poor car...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Admiral Naismith in Experiences with non-techies   
    When non-techies touch your PC.
    When non-techies download things to your PC.
    When non-techies double-click downloaded things to your PC.
    When non-techies f*** up your PC.
    Gave my sister my old 'Frankenstein' laptop. I call it that because it was like an American Car. It has problems the day you buy it, constantly needed 'fixes', etc. but still works a decade later (it's almost a decade old now). It's eaten 5 hard drives (cooling problem that I fixed), held together with ducktape, missing keys, has a modified cooling system, etc.. It's traveled across the country twice and basically forced me into technology; had to adapt to survive. Regardless I still love that thing. It still runs well (with occasional fixes) despite the sh*t it's been through. Back on topic. Sister has it now. Within a month it's gone from being a old but still works system to being a general POS that might as well be tossed. Everything is slow, it has viruses and sh*t, files all over the desktop (the horror), etc..
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    DigitalHermit reacted to wolfgang in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Not the image I was looking for but just happened to find it. 
    I dont remember that part for some reason.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Belgarionbg in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    How about this version of her.

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    DigitalHermit reacted to brownninja97 in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    its the art of a low risk investment, as you said, sex sells. Anime is a risky business, there isnt as much money in it as people think and this means that its risky to think of something different, im not too big into all that lewd content 
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Typho in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Katanas were made for fast slices... not banging them against each other... or against armor...
    it's also made to slice, not chop... so a full swing is needed so that the blade can do its work....