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    DigitalHermit reacted to pagani123 in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    so on another note i finally convinced my dad to let me post a picture part of his garage. The left hand side is really messy so i will get a picture when he gets that cleaned up but the right hand side is next to empty and just has the 8c in it. sorry for the bad quality i tried to touch it up a bit but he just took it with his phone.

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    DigitalHermit reacted to Gale in Do you think it's wierd to go out with your Audiophile headphones   
    Don't go out with open back headphones. Don't be that guy.
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Castdeath97 in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Time to update...

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    DigitalHermit reacted to DirtyDane in Experiences with non-techies   
    this is why i lock my room when mine comes. ive got like 4 monitors and all this shit that has to be cleaned specific ways. last time i let her in she tried to clean the inside of one of my servers.. WITH WINDEX!!!! SAYING IT WAS GOOD FOR ELECTRONICS!!!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK! thank god there was just an old motherboard in there at the time. which was broken beforehand. otherwise i would have really flipped shit.on the newly cleaned floors. i explained it to her and she didnt do it again but after that i clean my own room. i dont trust people to clean my shit.
    Then there was the week i was paranoid (this was a week after the server incident) because i had a bunch of bare components on my desk while i was building the server. ... that was a stressful week
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    DigitalHermit reacted to terrytek in [Another one] Father asks Apple to unlock his deceased child's iPhone   
    i think they should unlock the phone because it contains personal data of memories that you can't recreate. there are probably meaning in all the photos in those phone, happy memories. i think they should unlock it.
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from PepsiBandit in Experiences with non-techies   
    Have you tried sending them physical copies of the notice?

    That seemed to work the last time I had to announce something company-wide...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to wkdpaul in Experiences with non-techies   
    Can't, our branch covers the whole province, so half our reps and managers are working from home, I don't think my boss would like it if I started fedexing out all these notices!
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Opask in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    I will now show you a rare pic of myself...

    I'm the dude in the striped shirt...
    Event is: Final Love Live day 1
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    DigitalHermit reacted to DirtyDane in Experiences with non-techies   
    meh do it anyway but use a big shipping crate for each one on its own. or use amazon shipping boxes so they thinnk their package has arrived. im sitting here screwing with shit on miitomo. anyone else here have one. we should collectively exchange our friend things.im gonna post my friend picture qr thingy here in a bit 
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Bittenfleax in Rockit 88 Kickstarter funded: Intel CPU Delid Ttool   
    First time something on Kickstarter has made me go "wow". This is really cool.
    New nickname: Warrantybreaker2000 
    I might back it though. Just to get one.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Speedbird in Experiences with non-techies   
    That sounds like a good April Fools prank actually. Just sending sticky notes in huge shipping boxes...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to DirtyDane in Experiences with non-techies   
    my girlfriend refers to storage on a phone as data. like she says im running out of data on my phone she said to me once. my response was "well just be light on it for the rest of the month there are only a few days till the next month" being as tech illeterate as she is, she said okay and things where fine. then a week later when her billing period refreshed she asked me why it wasnt fixed yet. i told her to contact her provider is must be a mistake on their end or something im not entirely sure i can do anything for you. of course after contacting the provider they assured her her data was renewed and that nothing was wrong. so the next morning she says that her data was renewed but her phone still doesnt show it. i finnaly told her to give me her phone so i can look at it. turns out data meant the god damned storage! i had to explain to her what data means in terms of smart phones, then i had to explain that she had too much shit on the phone. of course she never deleted anything and to this day still refers to storage as data. i dont even know why anymore but i just get really irritated whenever she says data. just the word sets me off.
    so its safe to say i offically have a trigger. i can now use the excuse "YOUR TRIGGERING ME!!!!!" 
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Djole123 in [Android] Music Player that would work with Gingerbread   
    Actually that's not your phone's fault, it crashes even on Lollipop

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    DigitalHermit reacted to chicksoup in [Android] Music Player that would work with Gingerbread   
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    DigitalHermit reacted to MVPernula in Experiences with non-techies   
    "Can you insert the SCART Cable to the back of my pc, please?
    - .. The scart cable?
    > Yes, the scart cable.
    - Does your computer have a scart cable input?
    > Well duh, all computers do!
    - I have NEVER heard of any PC's with a scart input!
    > *Shows me the power cord* Scart cable!
    - No, that's the power cable, you use that to power up your PC. A scart cable is a video cable for old consoles, VHS and so on.
    > Oh how wrong you are, google it and I'll prove you wrong.
    - *Googles it*
    - *Spells it "skart"* Well what do you have to say now?
    > I hate you for being right about this."
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    DigitalHermit reacted to Orangeator in Unlocked iPhone Worthless After F.B.I. Spills Glass of Water on It   
    All that for nothing...
    Yeah spilling water on a phone that you made a massive deal out of is pretty damn embarrassing. 
    Tim Cook you are my new favorite CEO. 
    Source: http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/unlocked-iphone-worthless-after-f-b-i-spills-glass-of-water-on-it
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from Ruostunut kokis in Experiences with non-techies   
    Opera switched to Chromium a few versions back...
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    DigitalHermit reacted to AlwaysFSX in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    Obviously you need to slam it. Eaaaaaaat cuuuuuurbs.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to techswede in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    Used to do that with my merc all the time
    Can't do it with my golf though. Still not used to the front end 
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    DigitalHermit reacted to vinyldash303 in Car Enthusiast Club [Now Motorcycle friendly!] - First thread to 150k! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   
    You are brave to get that close to the fense. 
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    DigitalHermit reacted to SSL in Best DAC for the Dollar   
    Let me just point out a few things:
    The vast, vast majority of headphone amps are voltage sources. They will not clip unless they have excess gain. When determining the power and voltage requirements for a given listening level you have to know a few things. Blanket statements about needing an amp for headphones over 32 ohms are wrong and NOT good generalizations because they ignore too many determining factors: What the desired listening level actually is The sensitivity of the headphone (db/V) The impedance of the headphone The power output of the amp at the impedance of the headphone Obviously, running an amp into clipping is bad. Why you claim anyone would need to do this is beyond me. Most DACs have a dynamic range in the area of (100-110dB). Don't be fooled by marketing that claims things like 124dB. This is basically at the extreme limit of what it is possible for hardware to do and you will normally pay serious cache for such meaningless specs. 17-18 bits is more than sufficient. Integrated audio can easily provide high bit depth and sample rate output. You don't need a fancy DAC if you want to watch a BluRay.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to SuicideAnomaly in Best DAC for the Dollar   
    Speaking of amps…you need to switch yours to low gain, because you're a bit on the loud side.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to helping in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    kono sabarashi is another grab at the "adventurers questin' to level up in another world" genre but it's more of a slapstick version of all of them
    though predictable, I don't think having a strong plot was the intent. It has some endearing stupidity in it though.
    I can already tell this is going to be another 13 episode commercial or similar to chestia and the dungeon raiders with no actual plot and not even a vague suggestion of a resolution.
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    DigitalHermit reacted to helping in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    ...well yeah, that's exactly what I said.
    all 3 of the main characters are essentially useless so I don't think they'll ever do anything other than awkwardly fidget around
    which isn't a bad thing but that makes it pretty clear we're stalling at the starting line.
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    DigitalHermit got a reaction from DocSwag in Experiences with non-techies   
    volume 1 of 32767.