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  1. For some reason my receiver isn't giving me the option to use L/R Bypass with the Audyssey calibration. It only gives me the option for "Off" "Flat" or "Reference". Im not sure why this is. Id love to have just my subs EQ'ed but not my towers for music but its not showing me the option. Am i doing something wrong?
  2. This is so odd, whenever I have Final Fantasy 14 open in the background my keyboard will type double letters "lliikkee tthhiiss". I have 0 ideas on what is causing this because it has never happened before and only happens with this game.
  3. I am looking at buying a separate multichannel amp to run off my Denon 4300H receiver. I found these two fit my budget pretty well. I know both Outlaw and Emotive make damn good products but I cant decide what one I should get. Anyone have any opinion? Also if you know of another multichannel amp under 1k, feel free to let me know about it.
  4. Isn't the center channel only tasked to handle dialogue? What is the difference between a center that has 2 woofers vs a larger center that has 4 woofers if it only handles dialogue?
  5. So I just got my new SVS subwoofer to replace my JBL 10 inch but for some reason, Im getting no signal to it. I legit just unplugged my other one and plugged this one in. My speakers are set to small, I'm plugged into LFE, I've tried rerunning calibration and setup but still, no signal is being sent to my new SVS sub. The light is blue on my sub so I am getting power. I have a Denon 4300 receiver and I am not really sure what to do.
  6. Lol yes sir I'm in my home theater room. Also I have seen a bunch of people run separate amps but I'm quite unfamiliar with how the whole connection process would go for the receiver.
  7. I have ran Audessy x32 and everything looks good. I'll redo it tonight and see if it changes
  8. Long story short, I have a pair of JBL Studio Floorstands and I was driving them off a Denon 920 for about a year now but I wanted more power...Last week I upgraded to the Denon 4300 and it's amazing but now my speakers sound so bright sounding but so much more detailed. I assume it amplifying the speakers native sound but I'm not sure if that's the case or the Denon Receiver is that extremely bright and detailed sounding...I'm getting to the point where it hurts to listen at loud volumes. Any advice guys?
  9. Its for my home theater setup. Ive had my center for a while but ive been going back and forth between stereo only and 3.1 lately. Im not really liking how much of the center speaker dialog is localized. Anytime someone speaks I know EXACTLY where the sound comes from instead of sounding like its right from the characters mouth if that makes sense.
  10. Thinking about getting rid of my center and just sticking with stereo. It just sounds to localized, everytime someone speaks I know it's coming out the speaker rather than the screen whereas with stereo my speaker tweeters match the center of my TV so it sounds more natural. Is there anything I can do about this?
  11. It keeps telling me to add a payment method to my account but I already have my credit card linked and my PayPal linked as well. It still is telling me to add payment into to my Google Wallet....
  12. Hey guys just looking for recommendations to check out on an easy to use point and shoot for traveling. My max budget is around $1200. I have been checking out the Fujifilm X100F, Canon G7X, Panasonic LX10, ZS100 and the Sony Cyber-shot Mark V. Mostly Im just looking for a camera I can leave in automatic mode and go on with my day. Any recommendations and advice would be welcome
  13. Are there any downsides or loss of features by installing a different launcher on the S8 or would I be better off getting a phone like the Pixel?
  14. They both are at quite similar price points for a lot of their receivers and share a lot of the same features. What one is better to go with?
  15. Lol so do I because I have legit no idea whats going on. Had happened 2 times today. Not in games, only on my desktop
  16. Just started happening today where my computer will sometimes freeze for 5 seconds then restart itself. My temps are good and everything seems normal.....Not sure what is causing this since Im not even getting a BSOD to give me an error code.
  17. No I have 4 SSD's right now and was wondering if its worth upgrading my boot drive and my main 1tb game drive to a M.2 Drive like the 850 EVO
  18. Are the performance benefits of NVME drives noticeable for gaming and everyday use?
  19. Is it worth upgrading to an m.2 drive to use for a games drive and OS drive? How much of a difference would it realistically make compared to a regular SATA SSD?
  20. No speakers in particular just was wondering if it was possible to do lol
  21. Is this something that can be done if you need a shit ton of power for a pair of speakers?
  22. I'm looking for recommendations for cloud backup software to just backup my whole computer with around 2TB+ of data. I have heard of software like IDrive, Crashplan, and Backblaze but I was wondering what you guys recommend or have good experience with
  23. Im looking to get a M.2 EVO drive and I was wondering with Samsung's software if it will allow me to move my whole C drive onto the new drive. Thanks!
  24. Hmmmm I was considering getting the Audeze Deckard to just replace most of my bulky amp setup since it has 3 gain options and RCA out. Ahh one more thing, is it best to run headphones like this at a higher gain then turn the volume up slightly or low gain and turn the volume up more?