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  1. You should think about getting a new case. A basic case can be bought for around 30-40 bucks, that shouldnt be too hard to save up even in the most dire of financial situations. Also there is a lot of stuff on ebay for basically free. Maybe someone in your area wants to give his away. Check craigslist too.
  2. I like MX Red with O-Rings. You might want to consider MX Black + O-Rings if you bottom out all the time anyways. Also i see no reason to change from MX Browns if you like them.
  3. He means Zloty. I'm not sure about that all in one stuff. I recently got an Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X and Ubiquity UAP-LR. That combo is pretty business grade and works like a charm. It's harder to set up than those "all in one" routers tho and probably harder to get too, but should easily be within your price range.
  4. Do you actually want to add (select) multiple options inside that one select?
  5. Username: Elbstrand https://www.vessel.com/videos/JYZEYDYx0 https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy
  6. run memtest86+ and check the ram for defects
  7. It gets it audio and power from the same usb port right? Did you try to plug it into any other usb port by any chance?
  8. I think those recommended wattages are for the whole system. Just open up your PC and read the label on the powersupply. OEMs tend to save a few bucks on the PSU.
  9. As far as i can see it, you need to use an adapter to drive the mic. Do you hear the high pitched whine directly in your headphones? You are probably getting some sort of ground loop, has your PC different "Mic in" ports? (like back and front?)
  10. I really like my Soundmagic E10 and they are pretty cheap. They have great bass and overall untainted sound, but need to be driven loud. With more expensive in-ears i can't really help you
  11. First of all, if i get this right, MSI Afterburner needs to be running to have your overclock enabled. The numbers for MSI Afterburner and Unigine seem to be margin of error and boost. 3D Mark either doesnt seem to recognise the overclock (getting default clocks from some sort of database) OR you closed MSI Afterburner completly thus disabling your overclock. What graphics card are we talking about btw?
  12. Semantics. There is per definition always a bottleneck. There isnt the slightest possibility to avoid it in more then one programm. However the common term "bottleneck" in the tech/gamer universe mostly means "is my graphics card the limiting factor in my pc?" To answer your question, the way you wanted it: No, your graphics card is the limiting factor in your rig, just as intended and desired.
  13. Okay so 100Gb per Week * 52 for a year is 5.2 TB, which is absolutly nothing. I've written more to my OS drive in that timeframe and expect it to outlast my pc by a decade.
  14. It depends a little bit on your recording software and the bitrate you need. As far as i know fraps isnt the best idea. Can't you use shadowplay or something like dxtory? If you were to record via shadowplay i'd probably say, you will be good for couple of years You should read up on the "SSD Torture Test" (just google it) some SSDs even lived after 1.5 Petabyte written. How much space do those recordings take up per week?
  15. To be honest, from the torture tests i've seen you probably will be good for a really long time, unless your are recording non stop. You could also get a WD Purple, a friend of mine uses it for recording games and its made for 24/7 Video Surveillance.
  16. I would upgrade my workrig Could use the extra cores and especially the extra lanes on an x99 board for my virtual mashines
  17. Yeah Was to lazy to search for the newest article about the experiment, thanks
  18. Actually even writing isnt a problem: http://techreport.com/review/26523/the-ssd-endurance-experiment-casualties-on-the-way-to-a-petabyte Many/Some SSDs will even handle up to 1000 TB write.
  19. What i would do in that case: (0. Disabled your Antivirus. (not while downloading tho )) 1. Download and REinstall the newest Nvidia driver (there is an option for doing a new install in the installer). Disable Shadowplay if its activated. 2. Download and Install Aida64 and go to the "sensors" tab 3. Run some benchmarks and see if you CPU or GPU gets too hot. 4. Try to run the game and see if it helped. If not try resetting ingame settings. 5. Come back and report on your findings.
  20. Depending on which variant he got, i would be careful with using more then one. Those Gigabyte G1 for instace can use pretty leaky chips Power consumption can go trough the roof with high overclocking
  21. Yes more then enough for your setup. My system with i7 @ 4.2ghz oc and 2x 660 oc in SLI doesn't consume more then 300-350 Watt in most cases (I also have 7 fans 2 ssds and 4 harddrives). Before i upgraded to my AX 750 (because i got it almost new for 50 bucks) i used an 530 watt from be quiet