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    i5 4690
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    EVGA 1070 FTW Hybrid
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    Crystal 460x
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    Much Terabytes
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    Corsair 750
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    AOC 23.6" x3 + ASUS 24" 144Hz
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    Corsair K70
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    Logitech G700s
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  1. I haven't had time to test yet, just got windows installed and I fell asleep on Windows 10 install "Please wait, you'll love the updates were going to install for the next eternity."
  2. I got an 8400 in last night and with the stock cooler in the BIOS I was @ 50c Definitely not looking good and i'm delidding my 8700k as soon I can find a damn ddm2 that'll ship to the US.
  3. oh lol, i didn't know what you meant by LMG in CA
  4. Yep, mine is listed as "packaging" as of last night!
  5. Anyone aware of a source that ships the delid die mate 2 to the US and has it in stock? Amazon, ebay, and overclockers.uk list it as out of stock or no longer available.
  6. You can try unplugging everything (USB) or trying a different outlet. If you're comfortable with the inside of your computer try powering it on without a HDD,Optical Drive, Video Card, and Extra RAM sticks. I would recommend bringing your computer into a shop to have the PSU tested. I've been to Best Buy in the states multiple times and they never charged me.
  7. Gaming cpu? lol *edit Whoops, thought it said CPU, not GPU That is no gaming cpu, the only thing you might be correct about is that they are overpowered.
  8. If you can, try placing the power-line adapters on the same outlet and run a speed test. If that fixes it then you'll know the wiring is a problem. Also, why didn't you run Ethernet throughout the house?!?
  9. Have you tried connecting from another device on the same network?
  10. QoS would be your best bet, if you have the option to do it by VLAN that would be the easiest to manage imo.
  11. My favorite tool is MalwareBytes, there is a free version. I'd recommend doing a full scan with the computer disconnected from the internet. https://www.malwarebytes.com/
  12. Bring it to your local computer shop and see if they can test the PSU for you. I've brought mine to Best Buy before and they've always tested the PSU for free.
  13. Does this USB Drive show up in other operating systems? Try a different format like EXT4, NTFS, exFAT? Try a different USB drive?