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  1. I don't plug in audio devices too often so it's not really a big problem for me.
  2. hmmm yeah thats weird... im not really sure to be honest.
  3. Not sure to be honest that's way over my head xD! It's weird that it doesn't remember the setting if you plug it into the same usb port... Unless the driver of your headset reinitialises every time?
  4. Happens to me in both tabs. Once a device has been connected and overridden as default windows will usually remember that even if you plug that device in, it won't set to default (although different usb ports seem to affect this differently)
  5. nope its what it was set to as default. i havent touched the page. should i change it?
  6. My system is still functional, just very slow. Like the screen is refreshing at 15hz or something temporarily Not sure, I didnt change anything. According to my rainmeter monitor its using 80mb out of 5gb currently.
  7. It seems to be more of a graphical issue, like the windows are lagging around. and it only happens with 100% GPU, which makes me think its high gpu usage that causes it.
  8. Yeah sorry i just assumed people would read the signature which says Specs: Sorry, i tried to recreate it but for some reason cant get my gpu back up to 100% Maybe it was just a certain filter or task i was doing in lightroom that bugged it. If i remember correctly it was 100% GPU, and around 50-60% Cpu, and ram was defo not hitting anywhere near 32gb (probably like 12-14gb)
  9. Anyone know of how i can stop windows from being laggy when my gpu is at 100% or limit my gpu to 99% in all apps? It doesnt really happen in games much (other than loading screens), but mainly in Adobe apps (Lightroom, After Effects, etc) Any Tips? Thanks Gershy13
  10. I tried the ram overclock, and I did memtest for 3 hours without any issue, however I left it overnight and I got 4 issues in the space of 12 hours. Should this be something to worry about?
  11. I'll try the ram overclock then improve the cooling, it's still using the stock thermal paste from the bottom of the cooler so could be worth a try to change it.
  12. I dont think its a gpu specific issue, as its only in warzone, and ive seen other people report that warzone likes high clocks after the new update. its a common issue with warzone only. Yeah i did ddu the 3070, and the ram is running at XMP 3600 CL18.
  13. 75-80c under a full core load, around 60-65 under warzone gaming. CPU fan RPM is usually around 1300-1400 under any load/.
  14. Ive got PBO and AutoOC on, Ambient temp shouldnt be too high (currently winter in the UK), and its defo not using all of the cooler capability, i tried maxing the fans and it still hits similar temperatures and doesnt boost any higher... Maybe my cooler isnt fitted properly?
  15. when idling or just opening chrome and light tasks i get around 4450-4300, but in cod i get 4200-4250 (nearly all core) most of the time... Cinebench under all core stress 4.1ghz
  16. Yeah warzone is weird as the multiplayer performs fine. Its just the large scale warzone map is very cpu demanding maybe (clocks over cores too)
  17. Yeah i had a look into it, downloaded it and saw that i can get my 3600 cl18 kit to cl16, but probably no better than that. Is that worth it? Unless maybe i can get the frequency up? I also dont think my chip wants to overclock any further than stock, i think im better off with the boost speeds... Unless there is some ryzen overclocking way that i dont know about. (i switched from intel and only ever overclocked my 4670k)
  18. So i just got my 3070, and even at 1080p ultra settings i still dont get 99% GPU usage in warzone, usually my fps is around 110-120. Ive got a 144hz monitor so i would like full 144hz. Its clearly a CPU Bottleneck with my 3800x. Are there any things i can do to tune my CPU to perform better? Ive heard ram tuning helps? Ive got 32gb 4x8gb 3600mhz CL18. Motherboard is an Aorus X570 Pro Any tips?
  19. Yes i have set the output device that i want as default. the issue is plugging in new devices that the system hasnt seen before/recently i believe.
  20. Im looking for a laptop for uni, ive currently got a powerful desktop, but i also need something portable. I need to be able to edit video and photos in premiere and lightroom and also light gaming would be nice. I was looking at CPUs and thought that i probably need one of these minimum? (ryzen 4600h, 4800h, intel 9750h, 10750h?) and GPUs (1650+, preferably 1660ti/2060) mainly need the GPU for nvidia acceleration (encoding etc). my budget is below £800 (after student discount) (i also get 15% off at laptopoutlet.co.uk, lenovo, asus, etc with studentbeans). Thin and lig
  21. i dont think so, as voicemeeter relies on windows to output to its device, and then you can route from there... if there was a way for windows to set voicemeeter as fixed and never change, that would be perfect.
  22. virtual mixer being voicemeeter? It still has the issue that whenever i plug something in it will switch my devices to prefer the new device.
  23. Does anyone know of a way to stop windows from switching my input and output devices whenever something new is plugged in? I have voicemeeter that i always want to use for my audio, but i am always connecting other devices which have audio (ps4 controller, bluetooth devices, etc) Is there a way i can get it to always output/input to voicemeeter and never change (no matter how many new devices i plug in)? Maybe something in the registry? Thanks Gershy13
  24. Yeah it sorted itself over time, and no it wasn't coming from the ram as it would go away if the pump was turned off... It was the aio pump