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  1. We said fuck it and went for it. Screws were in the exact same spot. It’s been a week and we haven’t blown up yet! Operative word being: yet
  2. See, this is what im trying to avoid. I'm hoping some other idiot like me is on here and tried the same thing lol.
  3. Need a new waterblock for my i7 5960x cause i spent 1k on this thing and we're using it till it dies dammit! I cannot find x99/lga 2011 waterblocks for a decent price so I ask: Can I mount a 2066 block on my x99 board? I would assume that yes, I could assuming that the screws are in the same location, but idk...
  4. Looks nice but it can’t fit a 480 according to the website… sigh…
  5. That looks so weird but would be still be smaller on my desk we might just have to get it. I just hope it doesn’t look weird with normal tubing instead of hard tubing. Thank you for the recommendation, this is going under maybe.
  6. I've been using a corsair 900D for almost 8 years at this point and I think its time to upgrade. Are there any "small" cases that can fit a 60mm 480 rad? I'd like to keep my water blocks and pumps and just transfer into a new smaller case. I know the rad is very big which is why I say "small".
  7. We got one dead ssd and a fan controller… but everything else is alive!
  8. We're just gonna deal with this rats nest of cables tomorrow and pray...
  9. That is so dumb it makes my brain hurt. Why collaborate to make sure your cables work seamlessly; but only on one side? So dumb...
  10. New shiny 3080 Old PSU from corsair cant take it and all the fans, pumps, and lights plugged into it, overheats and shuts system down. New PSU from EVGA gets put in. CPU and 24pin dont fit, replace cables with the new ones. All other cables just slot in fine. Turn system on, fan controller catches fire, lots of clicking from idk where. Pulled plug. Did all my components not using EVGAs supplied cables just die? I was under the impression that PSUs were standardized... Why did my fan controller decide it couldn't handle life anymore?
  11. At this point I’m probably gonna use the screws from my 3080 leftover from the water block and do it that way.
  12. Imma bump this, come at me angry mods! Someone has to know something or somewhere where I can find what I seek.
  13. I've had a founders edition gtx 1080 since launch day of the card and have water cooled it since the second day I've had it. I got my hands on a 3080 and dont need this peasant tier 1080 and I want to sell it. Heres the problem, I still have the cooler shroud, I do not have the screws to said shroud... Does anyone know where I can get a replacement cooler to fit a FE 1080 (NOT TI)? Can't find anything on ebay at all. Unless one of you fine internet people want to buy a 1080 with an ek waterblock to put a 4+ year old card in a water loop I need a new cooler before I sell this thing
  14. Ok I found out my issue. Plex is using the American organization structure ie: how it would appear on tv if it was ever aired again. While Wikipedia, which is what I was copying, was naming them was using the Japanese arcs (seasons). In Japan there are technically 9 seasons, in America they combine a bunch and call it 6. Neat.
  15. I’ll try that out then. But are there any others ideas if this doesn’t work?