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  1. Thank you for your quick responses. I am aware Ace is utter garbage, however when i first build the computer oh so many years ago i wasn't. As a matter of fact i've often thought about replacing it because of Ace reputation to be a computer killer but alas, i never got around to it. Edit: removed a question unrelated to the topic, thanks for the help everyone.
  2. Hello everyone! As the topic suggests my PSU failed and it did so in a quite spectacular fashion. To cut a tragic story short, im fairly sure it short circuted as i saw a white/blue lightning shoot out of it and it caused the fuse to tripp (leaving me without power for 2 days but thats a different story). It is the way it failed that concerns me, I just dont know how to approach the situation. Do i just get a new PSU, plug it in and hope for the best? This is probably a silly question but can plugging a new PSU into a potentially (probably?) fried computer damage the new PSU? U