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  1. Budget (including currency): save up doing doordash Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Other details (existing parts lists, whether any peripherals are needed, what you're upgrading from, when you're going to buy, what resolution and refresh rate you want to play at, etc): Destiny 2 pvp Coolermaster h500p 8700k delided conductonaut on die and copper ihs from RockItCool nhd15 4x 4GB 4000mhz cl18 Corsair lpx 2070 super MSI Ventus 970 Evo 250gb Currently have MSI z370 sli plus but it shit the bed, what motherboard shoul
  2. Still stuck. Bought new ram just to see. Still interrupt exception not handled. Get a new motherboard???
  3. I tried one version from my brother that makes it so nothing happens in 30 days. Didn't bother with that anymore just downloaded iso from Microsoft and bought key. Default bios as in first version released? In all my attempts of not blue screening I am stock everything ram sets itself to 2133mhz
  4. Tried xmp and no xmp, updated bios and now I only get immediate "interrupt exception not handled" I'm guessing I need to update drivers? I saw next to the bios downloads there was Intel chipset drivers but I can't find how to update them I am only able to be in bios now not even windows installation screen and pull up command prompt
  5. Trying to install windows 10 home, but: Kernel security check failure Kmode exception not handled System service exception System thread exception not handled Build is 8700k nhd15 MSI z370 sli plus Corsair Vengeance lpx 4000mhz cl19 (I have swapped in a stick of my brothers ram at 2666 still same blue screens) 970 Evo 250gb, 3tb Seagate (tried Evo only still blue screen tried Seagate only still blue screen) Corsair rm850x. Bios version: E7B46IMS.A40 Never put a gpu in the thing yet haha. 2070 super coming in 2 days haha
  6. I have 8700k RockItCool copper ihs, conductonaut, 5.5GHz 4 core 5.4GHz 2 core, NHD-15, MSI SLI Plus, 4x4 4000MHz Vengeance LPX, 970 Evo 500Gb, 3TB Barricuda. I want to play destiny 2 1440p pvp at 144-165fps. Should I wait till September? I can't buy a 2080ti. I used to play with 2 1070's back when it was on blizzard and was around 130 I have everything off or lowest except highest textures highest character textures 16x anisotropic.
  7. I just downloaded Awesome Miner, you can easily choose algorithms and coins per card. The standard dev feel is 5 minutes every 100 but you can put --Donate-Level=1 into batch commands, the first box that says before launching miner. This makes it 1 minute every 100, 1%. Yes, even though there is a fee, even just setting a coin that looks the most profitable, sometimes in the day it won't be the most profitable, but I am seeing no joke double the money made just using Awesome Miner instead of Nicehash The page next to your miners tab shows you the most coin on the most profitable algorithm, ver
  8. Okay so this might not actually be too specific. I'm just looking for a router that will work best hooked up to a 24 port switch. Switch I am using: https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/accessories/apd/a0155835?cid=298721&st=&gclid=CjwKCAjwh9_bBRA_EiwApObaONJKSpCcmh7n040k2Hh_JVOkyZZz9B4j5pjusX-c6HdZuUOcbnnrCxoCQaUQAvD_BwE&lid=5704670&VEN1=sPpz7COCk,101952148149,901q5c14135,c,,A0155835&VEN2=,&dgc=st&dgseg=so&acd=12309152537501410&VEN3=813904532297105014 I currently have 4 antminer z9's hooked up to just a second router I had laying around. It's a Li
  9. Delidded 8700k with conductonaunt and RockIt cool copper ihs and Nh-d15 Mobo is MSI z370 SLI plus. Ram is 4x4GB 4000MHz Corsair lpx. My room starts at 26c and after having computer run it gets up to 29c. The max temps were reached when all 6 cores got to 100%. Code at 1.35v: watchdog (normal) Code at 1.36v: kmode exception not handled Code at 1.37v: irql not less or equal Code at 1.38v: system service exception Code at 1.39v: driver irql not less or equal Code at 1.4v: unexpectected kernel mode trap Finally no BSOD and full run through of benchmark at 1.
  10. i have the windows 10 disc image on the usb and it is bootable
  11. It is now at stock speed and I need the windows 10 bootmgr file
  12. Whenever the USB isn't in #1 priority it tells me to put in a media with an os on it with a black screen white letters
  13. Both windows 7 and 7.1 and 10 on a USB I tried using a different USB and different ports both 2.0 and 3.0 the ones in the back and through the headers
  14. So I just delidded my 8700k, no silicone adhesive left on chip, conductonaunt on the die, under side of RockIt cool copper ihs, top side of ihs, bottom of Nh-d15. (I took it apart completely once fully assembled to make sure it wasn't too much and 95% of all the surfaces had a thin film of conductonaunt. Whenever I try to install Windows (I don't have a CD ROM) it says I need a DVD/CD driver to install. I flashed my bios to the most recent available. Also I don't know if bios temps like actually work because: 1.3v 5GHz 34-37c (turning the fans off didn't change the temp at all?) 1.45
  15. All I'm asking is should I get 3600 cl 17 or 3866 cl 18 (vengeance lpx) (They are virtually the same price) Running 8700k 5.1-5.3 GHz 1180 or 1080ti sli I know the fps difference is going to be very very small but if anyone knows which one would be better for gaming please let me know