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    Speedbird reacted to boggy77 in What kind of memory to make an APU shred?   
    to use xmp for 3600, you need to actually get a ram kit rated for 3600 and also a cpu and a motherboard that can run that ram at 3600.
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    Speedbird reacted to boggy77 in What kind of memory to make an APU shred?   
    what apu specifically? you generally want to make sure you have dual channel quad rank and memory as fast as the cpu memory controller can manage, with tight timings.
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    Speedbird reacted to SignatureSigner in Will the GPU make use of the extra ghz?   
    The gpu is the bottleneck NOT the cpu (For the most part) If your using online sites to judge bottlenecks there not accurate and I would recomend going on youtube and searching the game you want running on the hardware. A 1650super will be fine with a 1600af or a 2600. *Unless the game for some reason uses TONS of cpu power but then the gpu is a bottleneck to. For a build like this its fine.
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    Speedbird reacted to jaslion in Need Urgent Help in checking compatibility of components.   
    Euhm you don't need to update the bios here at all. You can totally update the bios normally with a cpu and ram in there.
    However couple changes here as well some major faults.
    No ssd that is a big problem as your system will be very slow to use at least get a 256gb crucial mx500 or wd blue drive
    Psu is well bad. That is not going to work with a 3070. Get a b tier or better unit of AT LEAST 650w from the psu tier list.
    3600mhz ram is advised if not a big price increase.
    What is your budget?
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    Speedbird reacted to Rym in Need a bit of help with new build   
    You can wait for 1 more month for rocket lake I assume?

    The 10700K isn't that great of a choice for gaming only, you can get a 10600KF and overclock it. It will equal or surpass an overclocked 10900k in most games if properly OC'd. It is also currently 200% more performance per dollar in my country compared to a 5600x.
    That PSU does not seem like a good long-term investment in a gaming build with a future 3070 and overclocks going on, perhaps a 750W or 850W variant would work best. Warning, the CPU / motherboard would work best with an 8+4 pin connector, which is NOT present in all PSUs. Checking required.
    Have you checked to see if there is a 360 AIO variant? Overkill or not, sometimes the difference is less than 10 euros between 240mm and 360mm, for me it's less than 10e to upgrade from 360 to 420mm.
    The gigabyte motherboard is not that great, a great price to performance ratio would be the Asus Tuf Z590-Plus, it should at most be 50 euros more than the gigabyte one but it's quality should be well worth it. The Z590 chipset should be compatible with 10th and 11th series CPUs too. If you get an 11th series CPU you will also take advantage of PCIe gen4, which albeit makes no real difference in games is still a plus for the future.
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    Speedbird reacted to Hyrogenes in Need a bit of help with new build   
    Go 5600 or 5800 instead of 10700. Gen 4 PCIe is going to be very neccesary as more and more products are taking advantage of it. And 5000 series is just a beast.
  7. Funny
    Speedbird reacted to TrigrH in M1 Mac owners are experiencing extremely high SSD writes over short periods of time, likely thanks to aggressive swap   
    inb4 intel add this to their crappy marketing campaign.
    Context: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-go-pc-ad-campaign-targets-apple
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    Speedbird reacted to gabrielcarvfer in The LTS Linux Kernel 5.10 To Be Maintained For Only 2 Years If Companies Don’t Help Support It   
    The foundation doesn't have the manpower to backport every single fix for everything that will eventually come out in the future and for every LTS release. 
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    Speedbird reacted to Eigenvektor in High speed link between 2 computers   
    USB isn't really made for this, especially if you want multiple PCs to be able to communicate with each other at once. Just use regular ethernet and a switch.
    You don't necessarily need fiber for 10 Gbit, Cat 6 is fast enough, provided you don't need to bridge large distances.
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    Speedbird reacted to WereCatf in High speed link between 2 computers   
    USB 3.0 is 5Gbps. USB-C is just the connector, it does NOT say anything about the speed of the port, so that's irrelevant. You also can't use just plain, old male-to-male USB-cables; you need specifically a bridge-cable. Connecting USB from one PC to another PC directly with a regular cable would most likely burn the USB-ports on both PCs.
    From a quick googling around it seems USB 3.0 <-> USB 3.0 network only achieves around 1Gbps - 2Gbps speeds in practice, so it'd barely be any better than just regular gigabit Ethernet. I can not find any USB 3.2 bridge-cables at all.
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    Speedbird reacted to schwellmo92 in Having confusing desktop GPUs wasn't enough - Nvidia removing MaxQ branding   
    Just because something exists a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. The whole configurable TDP thing in CPU’s is super anti-consumer and we shouldn’t be greeting the same change for GPU’s with open arms.
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    Speedbird reacted to AndreiArgeanu in Having confusing desktop GPUs wasn't enough - Nvidia removing MaxQ branding   
    What if the product doesn't have any reviews or videos that specify whether it's a Max P or Max Q and the manufcaturer doesn't specify it either. Do you just completely dis-consider it. There's many laptops out there that don't have any kind of reviews, do you just ignore them or hope it turns out to be the one you want. Regardless of whether you do research or not, this is just unnecessarily making things more difficult than they should be. 
    Take my Asus ZX553VD-DM969T, it's a solid laptop, but there's absolutely no reviews for it online.
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    Speedbird reacted to RONOTHAN## in Boutique builder sponsored video?   
    The name of the builder is Redux of https://buildredux.com/ . It's basically a remarketed Digital storm. That being said, you still might have better luck going with another SI like IBuyPower, as while they charge different amounts for components, sometimes they charge less than what the combined price of all the components.
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    Speedbird reacted to somer4ndo in stop with clickbait title (youtube)   
    Do you even watch WAN show????
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    Speedbird reacted to somer4ndo in stop with clickbait title (youtube)   
    well, again, give an example, elaborate about what you want improved, don't just say "just stop", this is not criticism, this is just being dumb and wanting to be ignored.
  16. Funny
    Speedbird reacted to Spotty in I message on Windows?   
    Why not just send an SMS? 
    Oh, so you're paying them to read all of your inbound and outbound messages? For $10/month they better offer advice on talking to girls and suggest some pickup lines to get the conversation started.
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    Speedbird reacted to Morgan MLGman in [Updated #1][Rumour] Intel and NVIDIA had an internal agreement that blocked the development of laptops with AMD Renoir and GeForce RTX 2070 and above   
    Not even close, PCIe 3.0 8x is still enough, especially for mobile GPUs which are slower than their desktop counterparts.
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    Speedbird got a reaction from Mr. Slavic in Older PC - What should i upgrade first?   
    9600K won't work in a Z170 motherboard.
    I think the best route to to would be to overclock that 6600K, and get a GPU once they become more available.
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    Speedbird got a reaction from tridy in WiFi Antenna N vs AC   
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    Speedbird got a reaction from HairlessMonkeyBoy in Older PC - What should i upgrade first?   
    9600K won't work in a Z170 motherboard.
    I think the best route to to would be to overclock that 6600K, and get a GPU once they become more available.
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    Speedbird reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in Older PC - What should i upgrade first?   
    Not really worth it, though. The price for used 7700K is a bit outrageous IMO, at least here. You could get a new 9600K for the same price. A bit more is a new 10600k.
    Same with 6700Ks.
    I'd recommend getting a used GTX 1070, GTX 1070TI, GTX 1080, RTX 2060, RX 5700, something in that range.
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    Speedbird reacted to LpoolTech in Older PC - What should i upgrade first?   
    starting with graphic card will yield the biggest fps but you will be CPU bound and leaving some performance on the table. As soon as you can afterwards I would upgrade CPU
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    Speedbird reacted to glenalz81 in Extremely high temps with NH-D15   
    Idling at 70c, there must be something up with the mount.
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    Speedbird reacted to HairlessMonkeyBoy in what is worse for the environment? consumerism or using older stuff...   
    It's not really a matter of opinion. Buying new stuff and throwing out the old is very bad. If it can be resold or given away for reuse, that would be better. And recycling it if it can't be reused is okay.
    In that order.
  25. Informative
    Speedbird reacted to FakeKGB in Some questions about Windows and Resizable BAR   
    Well, my GTX 650 Ti Boost can UEFI boot.
    If it didn't, I'd have a big problem.