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apt-get install Windows

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  1. I have six coax lines running to the bedrooms in my house, if I use these: http://www.veracityglobal.com/products/ethernet-over-coax-devices/highwire.aspx Can I use the coax lines for wired internet? The reason I'm asking is because on the website it says it's meant for IP cameras, I don't know if the IP camera's signal is any different than a computer's signal. Anyway, I want to be sure. Thanks
  2. I've actually had some ideas for a mirrors edge themed build myself, red stitching sown into the cable sleeves, red and white fans. Dual cooling loop with white and red dye. And the rest very minimalistic, in a fractal design R4 or something similar.
  3. This is exactly what I'd do it if I were to make a build right now, no flashy lights or sharp colors, just some well thought out details.
  4. http://www.senetic.com/product/704941-421 There are 4 drive bays, i could fit 4x6TB WD REDs in there, what prevents it from accessing more than 8TB?
  5. So I bought a hp microserver and in the specifications on a website it says Maximum storage capacity8 TB
  6. I think you should focus more on GPU than CPU, after all it is a gaming build..
  7. Løp og kjøp! Virkelig fornøyd med dem. Alt er veldig klart, og bassen tung som fy! selv på laveste innstilling. Kjøpte fra Soundgarden, de kom dagen derpå
  8. So I bought them, the IE80s' that is, I'm very happy with them. Appreciate all the help everybody
  9. I think they might be on different circuits, your computer will think it's connected to your router, but in reality it's only connected to the powerline adapter. Connect a computer to the router by ethernet and then try ping the other computer that is connected to the powerline adapter. If you don't get a response I think I'm correct, however if you do, there is something interfering it or the adapters are out of sync. Good luck!
  10. Alright then, I'm buying it within the week, putting two WD reds in there and set up windows home server. Appreciate all your help