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    Piano, Composition, Orchestration, Technology and Networking
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    I love piano, networking and cats.
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    Very fast cpu
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    Some unheard of fast motherboard
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    Enough wan for minecraft serwer
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    Even bigger than the case that I have another case just for my psu
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    A screen that shows every spec of a hydrogen atom
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    Don't need a keyboard
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    Don't need a mouse
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    I'm deaf
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    Windows 10 Pro with custom cortana firmware
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    My desktop fits on my lap
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    Probably any phone that isn't made by Apple
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  1. I'm so glad I was lazy yesterday and didn't install the 3900x. I've just returned it and I'm going to be waiting for the 3rd Generation Ryzen to be announced next month... Bring on the 4xxx series...!
  2. I'm probably going to go all out and get the 3090 and not worry about price to performance etc... But my opinion may change when we get to see some benchmarks between the 3080 and 3090
  3. This isn't an amazing custom built case or fully custom hard tube watercooling greatness, but it's mine... I've built the majority of this setup in the past 2 months and I'm proud of it (more upgrades to be done... which I will note in this thread). I'll go through the past 2 months and include some pictures I've managed to grab along the way but my plans are to potentially purchase a new case, get better/more RAM, upgrade to the 3xxx series when they arrive and potentially start my first custom water cooled project... (along with custom sleeving my cables, I was tempted to just pu
  4. Gns3/eveng/VIRL works perfectly fine for the majority of layer 2 concepts, some have a few bugs or plain don't work like ether channels and private vlans but not being able to simulate asics isn't a problem with labbing, it's perfectly fine as I said for majority (90-95%) of layer 2 concepts with vlans, stp, layer 2 security, etc..
  5. Now now ladies, we all know my router is bigger than both of yours. ?? I don't see anything wrong with the above comments, sure 99% of the ltt community won't understand things like BGP or how something like NAT work, I think you both are having a good discussion but then it got a bit heated. But let's be serious here, by reading the Ops initial post, he probably doesn't need anything more than just NAT just for the purpose of the post. But you've listed many scenarios which are good
  6. Yeah because the UK only do that....
  7. You won't need access to the upstream device. You'd simply create a destination NAT rule, if pfSense sees traffic going to c.c.c.c then translate to nas ip address. This method is still considered as hairpinning or Nat loopback, depending on the vendor or whatever you want to call it Create a Nat rule and set the interface to your inside/lan interface, fill out source and destination networks and then use the redirect target ip for the NAS internal ip address.
  8. Yeah if everything is working, I wouldnt worry too much. Cns you specifically see that is 100% is a member of the stack within the management/cli?
  9. The stack cables are fine with a single cable but you reduce half of the backplane bandwidth for the stack. Similar with meraki and cisco, you typically would have something like 160Gbps of bandwidth on the stacking backplane, using a single cable will reduce it to 80Gbps. Not entirely sure on the throughput for the stack in those switches. (stacking throughput that is) I'll take cisco because I haven't worked with dell stacks but typically a cisco stack would auto provision itself, I think it's the same with these switches. Have you stacked them before? If not then c
  10. Remember my friend, ip helpers with cisco (and equivalent for other vendors) are mainly for specific use cases. They won't forward all broadcast messages between subnets with that command alone, obviously the common ones being dhcp discovery, tftp, netbios etc.. and a few others but if you generated just a plain broadcast message the device will not forward it with the ip helper-address command. Just to clear up as well for others (I'm certain you should know this so it isn't aimed at you Juan) but the ip helper-address command is typically referencing an ip address with the comman
  11. If you've ever used Cisco Prime Infrastructure's CLI Templating, you'll find that Cisco DNA's (Digital Network Architecture) CLI templating is an enhanced version found within Cisco Prime. Of course, there are many other features within DNA but this is just a quick example while I have 15 minutes of free time to demonstrate CLI templating and how it can be used to effectively deploy unified templates to a Cisco infrastructure instead of using other methods such as: Python + CLI scraping, Ansible, or Python with a combination of Git for version control. The concept of a CLI template
  12. Here is a brief overview blog I created on MPLS L2VPNs (specifically Cisco's implementation of VPWS aka AToM, Any Transport over MPLS)



  13. As I mentioned previously, it's rare and typically don't generate enough light to cause damage but it can in a 0.025% chance. It's happened to me with OM3/4 twice.
  14. I've had 2 clients do this and it broke the sfp. So it does happen. Edit:probably rarely, but it does happen.
  15. But yes, the TX part of the SFP will generate the actual laser and the receiving side would just kind of act passively and terminate that laser, so you're right in swapping them over.