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  1. Hi Guys, I need your help. I recently finally got around to buying a Switch, but I encountered a major issue. When I dock the Switch, the only option I get is 480p while it's connected via the official Nintendo HDMI cable to a 4K TV. I already tried multiple HDMI cables, and factory resetting my switch but it's still stuck at 480p. I couldn't find any definite answers on Google or any other forums. Does anyone have the solution, or is it just sh*t and do I need to return it? ~Timmy
  2. Yhea, I know. But he told me he wanted some amount of security with the files and he's saying that he's going to get rid of all the CDs, altho I highly doubt it now that I'm thinking about it. Thanks, I'll look into it and the enclosures you guys recommended!
  3. Hi guys and gals! I'm semi-familiar with NAS systems and was wondering if you could help me out here. My dad recently asked me if I could advice him in a NAS system to back up all his CD's, DVD's and Blu-rays. I'm totaly down to configuring and tinkering with it myself by using FreeNas or something like that. What has me guessing is the enclosure and the storage capacity since I can't find anything online that gives me a kinda solid answer (For CD's acording to what I could find, it could range between 5 and 200 MB). He needs to store about 500 CD's (M
  4. Tried updating them, even reinstalling them. Nothing worked unfortunatly Everything, that I need at least, is turned on
  5. Hi, I've been running a HP Pavilion CS1855ND but recently my build-in microphone stopped working. It is being picked up by the device manager and audio levels in the windows settings are correct, but when starting up Skype, Zoom, Discord, anything. The microphone doesn't get picked up. I've tried updating the drivers, changing the settings in all of the programs but still nothing. Even tried rebooting Windows Audio thru services. Does anyone have some solution? ~Tim
  6. Mainly use for travel yhea, but I also take my PC with me, so that is not the main thing. My life is a complicated situation, and I won't bother explaining it
  7. I have a I5-4460. 16GB DDR3 RAM, GTX 980. Those are the main specs. As for playing. That's quite difficult, since my parents are divorced and I move between houses regularly. So about a 50/50 split between on my monitor and using it on the tv
  8. Hi everyone. I've been thinking over the past few days to maybe buy an Xbox One S. Mainly I will use it for Forza and that kind of stuff, I love the games but I hate playing them on my PC. For some reason there are tons of performance issues. Is it a good choice to buy a (used) Xbox One S (I can get it here for €163 ($186)) or just stick with my PC. I can't wrap my head around everything and maybe you guys can give me some insight or try to persuade me into buying one. Greetings, Timmy
  9. But that means I have to replace my motherboard as well since it's a different socket
  10. Hi peeps! I was looking to upgrade my system. It has a I5-4460, 8GB of ram and a GTX 970. Since I don't have enough money now to upgrade the system at one time. I was thinking about upgrading my GPU first and thought about buying a MSI GTX 1070 8GB. If I upgrade this first, will I encounter huge bottlenecks because of the CPU or isn't it that bad? If you have any further recommendations regarding upgrading my PC piece by piece. Please let me know! ~Tim
  11. All has been fixed lads. Used a different pc and it didn’t force it. Transferred it to an external hard drive and all was done. Thanks anyway for the help!
  12. Hi, After a nice holiday in Italy this summer I wanted to put all the photos on my PC but when trying to open the SD card in explorer it forces me to format the card meaning that I will lose all the photos. Is there a way to cancel this force format or is there a way around it? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi all! I recently bought a Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 On Ear. I really love it but if possible I would like to convert the cable (4 pole to 2x 3 pole) to use it with my PC for skype calls and such. I searched all around the internet for it and I thought to myself. Do these things actually exist?? If any of you has a answer please let me know! Thanks, Timmyethy123
  14. I bought it on G2A for Uplay. I will try verifying the files there. Maybe that works. Thanks
  15. Hi guys, I've posted this on the Ubisoft forums a while back now and still didn't get a response so I thought I would try it here. I was really excited to get into Steep since I've always loved SSX but it keeps crashing. I finished the first 'tutorial' section. I flew the wing suit and did some snowboarding. Now I need to use the mountain view to get to the new section but if I click on the new section to teleport to it crashes. I unfortunately have no crash log since, when I view the .txt file in the Steep folder it is empty. System Specs: Intel I5-446